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Find Your First Profitable Product Program

Sail past the confusing tips and critical blunders that sink most Amazon entrepreneurs... before they ever start. A simple method to help you find your first profitable product to sell on Amazon.

Struggling With What To Sell On Amazon? We Can Help You Choose a Profitable Product in 2 Hours! 

Even if you have NO ideas, Even if you have TOO MANY ideas, Even if you've never started a business before!

Dear Aussie Online Entrepreneur

By now you’ve no doubt realized that picking the right product is the single most important decision you can make as an Amazon entrepreneur.

Get it wrong and you’ll waste a ton of money; samples from suppliers, shipping charges and your initial order costs, all add up!

Add to that the time you’ll invest in doing this, usually it’s a 6 - 8 week process to go from product idea to getting it live in your Amazon store...

Get it wrong and you’ll get left behind as others speed ahead of you

Making the wrong decision about your first product has some real consequences!

But for me, whilst those are important concerns they’re not the worst thing.

I have seen first hand what happens when people get it wrong, often times you’ll get demotivated and give up…

That’s the biggest wealth killer I know.

Having Your First Product Be A BIG Success Will Give You A Massive Confidence Boost!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting it right, you get profits that you can reinvest in your business to continue to grow it or some initial windfall cash you can treat yourself with.

Either way it will set you up for a lifetime of business success!

That’s what I want you for you

That money making, confidence creating feeling you’ll have when you have the perfect product to sell on Amazon

Nothing beats it!

Listen, there are 2 ways to get started on Amazon

You can either do this on your own and try and figure it out from scratch

Or, you can get some professional mentoring from Amazon entrepreneur that are already collectivly helping clients make $193,000 a month online!!

Here's Some People Just Like You That Turned Their Coaching Session Into A Profitable Business! 

Andrew Oliver

My coach worked with me to help me find a brilliant product on sell on Amazon!

Michael Permana

My product is live and selling on Amazon thanks to my coaching session!

Steve Speight

There is not a chance in hell I could have done this without my coach, I'm very happy with the result.

Ian Knabel

This is exactly what I needed to get started, now I know exactly what to sell (and what NOT to sell) I can get this baby going!

Tania Flemming

Thank you so much for the product discovery session. 

Now I know exactly what to sell to move forward. 

I encourage anyone that is having 'information overload' and feeling overwhelmed about product discovery to grab one of these sessions with both hands!

Have you ever been to a networking event and met a life coach or a business coach and after talking to them for 10 minutes realized that THEY need help!

Business coaches that can’t get clients

Life coaches with more drama in their life than an episode of “The Bold and The Beautiful”

Relationship coaches that are divorced

I see that all the time

Well meaning people that do a weekend life or business coaching course and then get some $50 business cards and call themselves coaches.

I don’t know about you but I want my coach to be getting the sort of results in life that I’m working towards right?

I mean if you’re going to get a coach you want them to be making money…. A lot of money!

So when I put together my coaching team I focused on people getting results.

My Amazon coaches are already collectively helping clients make $2.3 MILLION 

That’s $193,000 a MONTH!

That’s the sort of person you want to help you!

Listen if you’re serious about this you’ll know already just how important it is to get your product right

So even if you’ve got a product in mind you’ll see the value in getting an expert opinion on your idea and putting it to the test BEFORE you invest a dollar in it.

That’s why I’m delighted to introduce to you the

Find Your First Profitable Product Program

Here’s how it works

Once you decide you’re serious about this your Amazon coach will contact you personally and give you some of our proprietary research for you to undertake before your consultation

Then at the allotted time you’ll meet either on zoom and we'll work with you to pick the perfect product for you

If you have ideas for products, we will put them through our internal process to ensure you’re not pursuing lemons when you’re looking for Champagne

This alone could save you $1000’s of dollars!

You’ll get our exact product picking methodology and you’ll see how we assess opportunities to make sure they make money.

It will be the education of a lifetime

Think about it: If your goal is to start a business on Amazon -- even a micro-business! -- your product is critically important.

That means in your session you'll focus on:

  • What is the best thing to sell on Amazon to make money?
  • How good is your product idea if you have one? (How can you be sure?)
  • Will people pay for it?
  • How much will they pay? (Is it worth doing this?)
  • What techniques can you use to test it BEFORE you spend months of your life?
  • Once you earn your first $10,000, how do you grow your side income to hundreds of thousands of dollars?

The Find Your First Profitable Product program doesn't distract you with advanced business tactics like launch strategies, marketing techniques, and detailed pricing. 

When you're first starting out, complicated material like that actually PREVENTS you from taking the simple first steps you need to take to start your business.

The Find Your First Profitable Product program is different. This is specifically focused on helping you find a single product that will be profitable.

That's it!

When it works -- you can "scale" up your earnings whenever you want.

This is a rapid "get started today" way to start earning money on the side without committing thousands of dollars for an end-to-end course or investing years of your life into a product idea you're not even sure will work.


The truth is, most people can earn thousands of dollars a month right now...if only they knew how to find a profitable product idea and test it to ensure people will pay for it.

So at the end of your session you’ll have a blueprint for Amazon online success!

But, it’s not over once your consultation is completed

Your Amazon coach will follow up with you after to make sure you know what you’re doing and to ensure you get your amazon business off to a flying start!

"Wait, Neil. How is This Different From Your AmazonTraining Program That Comes With Being An Aussie Online Entrepreneur?"

I'm glad you asked. When I created the Amazon Training Program, I created the very best product on the market for people looking to start and build an Amazon business that can make you $100K a month. However, after hearing from hundreds of people about earning more, I realized that most people would be happy to make an extra $5000 to $10,000 a month.

Most people just want to find ONE profitable product to sell on Amazon and make $5 - $10K a month extra.

So the Find Your First Profitable Product program is solely focused on that. 

I didn't just strip down the "Find An Idea" parts of the Amazon Domination Training either. I’ve created all-new content, personalized 1 on 1 coaching with new strategies and techniques, and restructured the entire program to help you rapidly find a profitable product.

Find Your First Profitable Product walks you through, step-by-step, to find that first profitable product. From there, you can scale up, add more products, and earn more.

Think About What A Difference This Could Make

Imagine you work with your Amazon coach to identify a profitable product. You know it works because you get your first enthusiastic, paying customer on Amazon that leaves you a rave review. You now have new money in the bank.

What would that mean?

Would you be more confident of your abilities?

Would you be more motivated to earn more and use it to pay off debt, increase your savings, or book that trip you’ve always wanted to?

Would you be able to take that first product and use it as the stepping stone to adding more?

Would you be able to focus on doing the things you love instead of making decisions based on money?

Yes, you would.

For a small investment, you can find a profitable product, and use it as the foundation to earn money over and over....for the rest of your life.

Find Your First Profitable Product

I look forward to seeing your new found success!


P.S Choosing the right product is the difference between success and failure online, now you can find your first profitable product the fast and easy way

P.P.S Our mentors are dyed in the wool Amazon entrepreneurs, they have the skills and expertise to ensure that your business will succeed.

Got Questions? Here's The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Choose My Coach?

Yes of course if you have a preference, if you don't I'll allocate the perfect one for you based on your needs:)

2. Do I have To Use The Session(s) Now?

No use them when you're ready

3. What Time Of Day Can I Have My Session?

Anytime you want, we have a coach no matter what time of day (or day of the week) you want your session

4. What if I have to go away for a while?

No worries you can use your coaching session(s) when you get back

5. Do you offer refunds

Fraid not, this is someone's time you're taking up, therefor there are no refunds for coaching, BUT if you're not happy let me know and I'll personally sort something out for you so you are :)

6. Still Got Questions?

Listen if you've still got questions I would say just go for it. Trying to get all the answers before you get started is a mugs game, it will hold you back, we both know that. So just go for it, the coaches are brilliant PLUS I'm here to help too, you can do this!!!