If You Suck At A Lot Of Things, Guess What?

You’ve Just Found The Secret To True Wealth.

From The Desk Of Neil Asher

Here’s a few questions for you.

1. Do you think I’m bloody fantastic at everything I do in my Amazon businesses?

2. Do you think I spend every waking hour working on my Amazon businesses to rake in a 7-figure income?

3. Do you think I’ve cracked the code to having a hugely successful business AND a pretty bloody amazing personal life?

If you answered yes to the first one, then I’m doing a brilliant job at implementing the life-hacking strategy I’m about to show you. Because shocker, I actually suck at a lot of skills that I need to make all of my Amazon businesses successful.

If you said yes to question 2, sorry but working 112 hours a week with zero work life balance will probably mean that more than half of my cashola will be going to my lovely wife in the divorce settlement. Or I’d be dead. Both of which would suck.

Now, if you answered yes to question 3, YOU’RE ON THE MONEY. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see the point of working so hard that I don’t have time to appreciate my amazing children, my awesome wife and my life in general.

In fact, the older I get, the more I understand the VALUE OF TIME VS MONEY.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to get all touchy-feely on you, but here’s a sobering thought:

If you lose money, you can always get it back somehow.

IF YOU LOSE TIME, there’s no getting it back.

When I ask people what they want from their Amazon business, their answers are pretty similar:

  • I want to have more FREEDOM to do what I want to do
  • I want more TIME to spend with my family
  • I want to WORK LESS hours and STILL EARN a squillion or two
  • I want to STOP WORKING SO BLOODY HARD in a shit job
  • I want to stop making someone else rich

You see the pattern here? TIME. MONEY.

We all want more of both. And that’s why I’m excited to share with you my “DO THE WORK FOR ME’ GUIDE TO AMAZON FBA SUCCESS” course, because it’s the actual system I use to give me more time, and more money.


Forget Income vs Lifestyle. Let’s be greedy and go for Income AND Lifestyle

I’m always asked “Neil, how much MONEY can I really make on Amazon?” The easy answer is that you can make as much as you like. $100,000 a year. $250,000 a year. A spare million or two.

But the real question you should be asking yourself, is how much TIME do you want to spend every week to meet your income and lifestyle goals?

What I want for you, is to have a bloody good income, and all the time in the world to actually enjoy that income.

That my friend, is real freedom and real wealth.

And the more money I make, the more I realise OUTSOURCING is the master skill for my life, and my business.

Why the world’s most successful entrepreneurs outsource

No matter how smart you are, or how motivated you are to do it yourself, you will eventually reach a money ceiling – a self-imposed limit on how much you can earn simply because there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to earn the big numbers.

Think about it. As an employee, every hour you work is helping make someone else rich. But an entrepreneur, you employ others to make yourself rich because you know you CAN’T DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF.


Ouch. That number still hurts like hell but a couple of years ago I was too bloody stubborn to outsource some aspects of my business because I thought I could do it all. I was a Neil of all trades and master of none and it cost me nearly $2-3 million in sales. Not to mention the copious bottles of wine I bought to ‘outsource’ my sorrows in.

But lucky you, my $2 million hangover sobered me up to realise that:

If I wanted to have it all, I couldn’t do it all. And getting someone else to do the stuff I wasn’t good at, or was good at but didn’t have the time to do, changed my life.

“But Neil, if I’m learning everything in your course, why would I need to outsource?”


Have we met? By joining the awesomeness that is AOE, you’ve already discovered the benefits of outsourcing. You could have spent a thousand hours scouring through countless You Tube videos from people with questionable guru status to learn about Amazon (and I’ll be the first to say there’s a lot of good shit out there).

But you chose instead to spend what is quite frankly not a lot of dosh to get all your info from yours truly, because I’ve already found all the good shit for you.


Why do we love FBA so much? Because rather than you picking, packing and posting thousands of products, SOMEONE ELSE is doing that shitty job for you.

But here’s a weird fact. While we’re perfectly happy to give that task to a bunch of people we don’t know, when it comes to getting anyone else to take over any other parts of our business, we don’t want to let go of the steering wheel.

So, unless you’re a genius at absolutely everything and still have time to have a life, give me a call (because I’d employ you on the spot!) or think about this:

If you suck at Social Media but are still spending hours on posts that nobody LIKES – bye bye $$$$

If you’re planning on learning how to master You Tube videos ONE DAY – sayonara $$$

If PPC is becoming more WTF? – adios $$$$

And if Seller Central is more hell than help (which in all honesty it mostly is) there’s a few hours you’re never going to get back.

What I want for you is what I’ve always wanted for me:



Which is why I created


In this life-hacking, time-saving, money making, fast-tracking system you’ll learn my own personal strategies to transcend to the next level of wealth

  • What’s Stopping You From Making You More Money? (Here’s A Hint. It’s You!)
  • The Simple Equation That Can Turn Your One Man Band Into A Rock Band Of Riches
  • The 72 Hour Rule That I Use To Make My Life And My Business Easier
  • How To Identify And Clear Your Blocks To Wealth (Here’s A Hint. It’s You Again!)
  • How To Crack The DIY Money Ceiling
  • How To Find And Train Brilliant Outsourcers
  • The 7 Myths Of Outsourcing
  • Who I Use And Why
  • The Secret To Hiring People That Nobody Else Will Tell You
  • The Sneaky Black Hat Hiring Strategies I Use That Instantly Separates The Wheat From The Chaff (unless of course you’re looking for chaff in which case, you can use this technique to outsource a chaff-finder)
  • My Actual Interview Questions And Hiring Techniques
  • How Much I Pay So Everyone Makes Money
  • How To Make Your Outsourcers Love You And Work Harder For You
  • How To Fix Sh#t When Sh*t Goes To Sh#!(Sometimes it’s not them, it’s you - again!)

And guess what, because I have a team of people that I can outsource jobs to, I’ve got the time to throw in a bunch of freebies:

FREEBIE 1: A Guide To 67 Jobs You Can Outsource Now

FREEBIE 2: An Easy Copy And Paste Solution To Writing A Job Post (In other words, copy what I do and save yourself a shitload of time. You’re welcome.)

FREEBIE 3: My Downloadable Ready-to-use Employment Contracts That Will Make Your Outsourcer Love You And Work Harder For You.(There’s another job I’ve outsourced for you)

FREEBIE 4: The 9 Must-have Tools I Use To Manage My Outsourcing Teams

Mind-blowing Feedback For The ‘Do The Work For Me’ Guide To Amazon FBA Success Program

Those who know me know I’ve been teaching my amazing AOE members how to win at the Amazon game for a long time, so it takes a lot for something to really take me by surprise.

But when I shared this game-changing program to my Inner Circle, the reaction was nothing short of mind blowing.

"Great content!!!

How to approach hiring people, who to hire, how to hire, it's the complete step by step guide!"

Joanne Lucas Coulton

This was a fantastic learning journey. Exactly what I need at this point and has given me confidence in outsourcing. Broken down into simple step by step instructions and knowing 1 person can’t do everything.


Michael McCarthy

Amazing session tonight! - outsourcing. This alone will pay me back my diamond fees for the entire year.

So much valuable information.

Tony Holden

Excellent information, complete with templates!

Appreciate receiving this much info - it would take me years to learn all this myself. Loved the psychological component.

Cheryle Abela

This has made me much more motivated to one day be free from the politics of my main job and concentrating on my baby biz and this Amazon adventure. The outsource training is genius. You spoke to me Neil although I was scared shitless of the black hat unleashing! Learnt so much from this!

Vicky Quake-Lim

It’s that sort of feedback that motivated me (and my own outsourcing team of course) to create the ‘DO THE WORK FOR ME’ GUIDE TO AMAZON FBA SUCCESS PROGRAM’ and make it available to all my AOE entrepreneurs.


How much is time spent playing with your kids worth?

How much is more time to spend with your friends and family worth?

How much is more time to enjoy your life worth?

Most people would say you can’t put a price on those things.

But hey, I’m not most people which is why I’m offering you this life-changing, time-saving program for a jaw-dropping $154. (which is actually $23 CHEAPER than the price the folks in my Inner Circle had to pay to get access to this ground-breaking info)

MORE TIME for just $154. And to sweeten the deal, I’m even giving you MORE TIME to pay by splitting the payment into 2 parts.

So you can get started RIGHT NOW for just $77.

And then make another $77 payment in 30 day’s time.

You Can Suck At Everything Else But If You Can Do This You Can WIN On Amazon!

Learn my complete Amazon Outsourcing mastery programme for just $77 today and again in 30 days time, all backed by 100% money back guarantee.

Let Everyone Else Do All The Hard Work!


You can either spend hours and hours every day for the next 6 months trying to build your Amazon business into a cashola-creating dream, OR you can start saving time NOW by investing a stupidly low $77 for the next 2 months and let me help you put together a kick-arse team of Amazon outsourcers who will help you fast-track your way to success.

Remember, we’re coming up to the silly season, which means unless you’re going to spend the entire holidays locked away from your family and friends (which I’d personally not recommend as divorce is VERY expensive!) you’re going to have even less time than usual to spend building your business.


Give yourself the gift of time and click the little green bar below NOW. Trust me, your family and your business will love you for it.

Learn This Master Skill For Business Success Today!

Learn my complete Amazon Outsourcing mastery programme for just $77 today and again in 30 days time, all backed by 100% money back guarantee.

Shhh. If you’re still thinking outsourcers won’t work for your business, won’t understand how you think or how you operate, guess what?

I actually used one my outsourcers to put together this web page for you!!


Why not give it a shot today

Neil Asher

Founder Aussie Online Entrepreneurs