Neil Asher & Nicola Cairncross talk business, being an aussie online entrepreneur, living globally and being everywhere online.


0.00.00 Introductions

0.02.00 Why Neil lives in Lisbon (for now)

0.05.00 How to start successful businesses with a guaranteed head start

0.09.00 How Neil & Nicola first met and what they really thought of each other

0.10.00 How Neil won his “Top 100 Clickbank Affiliate” award

0.13.00 What is an Aussie Online Entrepreneur & how did it all get started?

0.15.00 What Neil really thinks of Nicola’s daughter Phoebe (and would he hire children of entrepreneurs generally?)

0.16.30 Why Amazon and why Amazon FBA makes all the difference

0.18.00 Why Neil loves to fail 80% of the time

0.23.00 What’s inside the AOE members area and community?

0.25.00 How Neil mentored Nicola when she was really down in 2012

0.26.00 How Nicola came to Brisbane to speak for Neil in June 2017

0.27.00 The one big secret that Neil taught Nicola

0.28.00 Nicola gets Neil to reveal his bitter sweet crown jewels!

0.30.30 How to use your natural strengths & skills to create a kickass marketing strategy

0.34.00 The biggest mistake everyone makes about outsourcing

0.36.00 Nicola & Neil share their very different, but equally effective outsourcing methodologies

0.38.00 What you must NEVER outsource

0.40.00 Neil’s deepest confessions

0.42.00 What they both had to overcome to implement their own “Be Everywhere Online” strategies

0.44.00 Exactly how many countries HAS Neil lived in within the last 10 years?

0.46.00 What results is Neil experiencing from his “Be Everywhere Online” strategy?

0.47.00 How quickly can it work?

0.48.00 What Neil really values (even above his early results) about his “Be Everywhere Online” system.

0.50.00 How to really get the most out of your old evergreen content

0.51.00 How to use the “Be Everywhere Online” strategy to sell physical products as well as building a personal brand.