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Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Create A $10k, $25K or Even $50K A Month Amazon Business...
For Free?

If You’re Finally Ready To Make Amazon Work For You This Will Be A Life Changing Letter

From The Desk Of Neil Asher
(current location Lisbon, Portugal)

“Neil I know that selling your own products on Amazon works, I’ve seen the results from 10’s of thousands of people and all the great results that other members of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs have had... so why isn’t it working for me?”

That’s a word for word quote from John (not his real name) who emailed me this morning.

If his words strike a painful chord for you, keep reading...

So, you’ve got the knowledge. You learned everything you could about starting an Amazon business. And you’ve got the motivation, too. You want to get out of your current job. BADLY.

But it feels like trying to row your boat to a tropical island paradise filled with fun and good times when you’ve only been given one oar to get there.

Nasty little thoughts begin to poison your mind...

“What if it’s just not for me?”

“What if I’m not smart enough?”

“What if I did it all wrong?”

Man oh man do I know this feeling!

But try to put the self-pity record on pause for a while and allow me tell you a little story.

My Dirty Little Secret

17 years ago, I was exactly where you probably are right now.

I had a job that I hated and I knew I wanted more from life...

I was the head chef at a restaurant in Sydney’s Darling Harbor called Bluebird, working from dawn to dusk, managing a team of people that didn’t want to be there and trying to figure out how to set myself free.

“This is it, Neil”, I thought, “If you hadn’t dropped out of school at 16, you might’ve done better. But, let’s be honest, that’s the best you’ll ever do… So, stop whinging and just get on with it mate!”

And, for lack of a better solution, I drowned my sorrows in alcohol.

At that point, I deeply regretted not going to uni. I felt that, if I could somehow get the skills I needed to change my life and the support to make it happen, it would be my lucky ticket to” Most Awesome Life Ever-Ville”.

Just like you probably know and feel that selling on Amazon could be your lucky ticket.

But I didn’t do anything about it until...

... one Monday, on my day off, I went to Bondi Beach with a mate of mine.

We were at the North Bondi RSL drinking beers, talking about what could have been.. Then he took a long look at me and told me something I’ll never forget...

"You're Wasting Your Life Doing Something You Hate!"

“Life is too bloody short to do things that suck”, he told me.

Holy Crap!

It was the kick up the arse I needed! On that day, my mate helped me change my life without even knowing.

It was the final push I needed to say “F$%^ it!” and do what I knew I was supposed to all that time. And that’s how I decided to go to the University of Sydney to study behavioral psychology and statistics.

I don’t mind telling you however that I was absolutely crapping my pants at the thought of going back to Uni…

I left school at 16 and the teachers cheered as I went through the gates!

So the thought of going to uni with a load of kids all younger and smarter than me had me in a cold sweat because I had spent my life working with my hands.

But I’m glad I didn’t bottle it, because it was there that I met a bloke who changed my life forever.

His name was Dr Tony Grant and he was the guy that taught me statistics.

I remember it like it was yesterday. He walked in one morning and he started talking about the Internet. He said it would change the world and that anyone with the desire to succeed could.. if they learned how to harness the power of the Internet.

I know this sounds crazy now, but you have to remember it was 2001!

I barely knew anything about the web at that time but I knew one thing: I had to follow his advice. I just felt deep in my heart that he was right.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and learned everything I could about the Internet. I got help from the best people I could find and studied and learned from great mentors.

Fast forward to today and my own Amazon business will do $2 Million Dollars this year and, through partnerships with others, I’ll launch 300+ products on Amazon and do combined sales of over $10 Million Dollars.

Get Me Working On Your Business!!

Want To Know My Big Secret To Success?

I’d never have been successful if it wasn’t for the mentors that I met. My mate that gave me a massive kick in the butt, my professor, Dr Tony Grant, who was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and many many others that I just don’t have the time to talk about here.

If it wasn’t for these people, I would still be stuck at the job I hated.

And that’s exactly why I’m telling you this story. To show you that it’s okay to get the help and guidance of other people to fast track your success. To show you that you shouldn’t blame yourself if you haven’t gotten where you want to be yet.

The truth is, sometimes you just need a helping hand

Another pair of eyes to take a look at what you’re doing and tell you WHAT is wrong…

Someone who has more experience and can get you on the right track in a split second…

Or just someone to kick your butt into gear so you can get up, stop whinging and do the work...

YOU are  just as capable of making thousands of dollars on Amazon as anyone else. And I know that, if you have someone to say to you...

“you’re doing it all wrong, do it this way instead”

...you’ll get up and implement the simple steps that lead to Amazon success and then you can watch the money roll in.

Get Kate As Your Amazon Expert Mentor - Her Business Makes $32K A Month
(yes she's one of our mentors too!)

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Review
That’s why I want to invite you to my brand new Amazon coaching program—The Diamond Level.

But before I dive in the details, let me whet your appetite with some of the cashola creating info I’ve prepared for you.

With the Diamond Level Membership, you will...

Discover the secrets to creating huge profits every single month on Amazon. This includes Amazon seller hacks that few know about and even fewer know how to use.

Learn techniques that don't just "get you sales" but continually increase your sales month over month. For example, from June to August my monthly sales revenue increased over $75,000. The sky’s the limit on Amazon!

Be part of a community where new and seasoned Amazon sellers like yourself share tips, challenges and ideas to encourage, inspire and help you succeed.

Learn how to literally crush it with Amazon FBA. It doesn't matter if you're selling in Australia, the US, Germany, the UK, India, or Canada, I will show you the tools for success for every Amazon market.

Get access to the exact tools and strategies that allowed me to reach $1 million a year—fast.

Multiply your money at a ridiculous rate.I will show you EXACTLY how to make your money make you more money on Amazon.

 Plant not just one passive income tree, but an entire orchard of "income trees" until money is no longer an issue and now you can spend the most important hours of your day not building someone else's vision but doing what you love with the people you love.

PLUS way more than I can fit onto this page!

It’s important to say that The Diamond Level Membership is perfect for you wherever you are in your business, from complete beginner wanting to launch your first product to Amazon expert making 6 - 7 figures a month.

Here's What You're Going To Get When You Go Diamond Level With Me

One-on-One Expert Coaching

2 times per month one of my Amazon expert coaches will meet with you over Skype  and explain step-by-step how to build your business on Amazon. Note that he or she will be a successful Amazon business owner, not just someone that’s read all about starting an Amazon business.

Your coach will help you find products with massive potential, teach you how to negotiate with suppliers, how to optimize your products, and how to run successful ad campaigns.

Here Are Some Of Our Amazon Expert Coaches (Choose The One That You'd Like)

Expert Marketer

Pippa McCreery
Who’s built an international brand on Amazon in the baby niche with sales coming in from all over the world.

Expand Internationally

Niraj Patel
Who’s built his Amazon passive income up to a point where he is working on selling his products internationally.

Business Growth

Kate Ingham
Who took a $250 investment and got her Amazon business to $32,000 a month just 4 months later!

Your Amazon Expert Coach Will Share With You Secrets Like...

  • How To Start Even If You Have No previous experience, we’ve laid the whole thing out for you step by step!
  • How to find thousands of hot products to sell on Amazon
  • A simple method to ‘spy’ on your competition and figure out how much money they’re making and how easily you can knock them off their perch. This is so much fun I love sitting down with a beer at night and turning it into a game.
  • The first thing you must do before choosing what goods to sell. Almost all Amazon sellers get this wrong and it’s the reason they’ll never make a full time income. You’ll be the exception once you know this.
  • How to systemise and outsource your online business. So you’ll be able to make money while sitting on white sandy beaches under a tropical sun
  • Secrets to getting your online business generating sales within 6 weeks. Follow these simple steps
  • How to leverage brand, capital customer lists, inventory and connections to your absolute advantage! (Once you know this, you practically have a license to “print money!”)
  • Your prospects’ buying desires…the Freudian psychology behind the Amazon search (prospects go through multiple phases as they buy, and if you don’t understand the phase, your money gets incinerated in the Amazon furnace)
  • Like a leprechaun you'll learn how to spot your own pot of gold products, cheap and VERY profitable!
  • Not very Techy? No worries we'll show you how to do everything step by step

You’ll get 24 expert one-on-one coaching sessions over the course of a year to work on every aspect of your business! You’ll have a trusted advisor to guide you every step of the way to Amazon success.  And that’s not all!

Get Me As Your Personal Amazon Consultant... For FREE!

My current hourly rate for coaching is $1,000 which reflects the fact that my own personal Amazon business will do over $5 million this year and, through the businesses I’m involved in as a partner, much MUCH more!

But, as part of the Diamond Level Membership, you’ll be able to get my advice without paying a cent on top of your monthly membership.

Here’s how…

Every week, I get together with my mentors in our own Amazon Client Mastermind and, for 2 hours, we strategize about ways to help you grow your Amazon business.

During that time, I will give your coach specific instructions to explode your profits and you’ll get the combined brain power of Amazon experts involved in over $10 MILLION of sales on Amazon!

This is a insane value! Just to give you an example… With one single tweak that we made in one of our previous sessions, we were able to add thousands of dollars of revenue a month to a client’s businesses.

But we won’t just show you how to succeed on Amazon. We’ll actually help you DO some of the work.

One Deeply-Researched Market Niche Idea Per Month (Exclusive To You)

Every month my own in-house research team will find one massive-potential market niche idea in a category of your choice.

This market niche is shared with you only and you get 100% exclusivity on it.

You’ll also get a list of top performing competitors, global search volume, keyword ideas with search volumes for coming up with product ideas, and monthly revenue potential.

Often times, you’ll also get the name of the supplier that we have researched (in China, Australia or elsewhere).

And you can rest assured we don’t get a kickback for that. It’s based on my own personal in-house system for analysing suppliers and background checking them.

Think about it. We’re giving you a business idea ready to be monetized and the support you need to turn it into dollar bills!

All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it?

You’ll have everything you need to launch a new product on Amazon every month if you choose to!


Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Review

So, if you’re a complete beginner, you’ll get a step by step blueprint to Amazon profits and, if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll get a hot new product to add to your business every month to scale and grow even more.

SAVE $100's On Software!

The software I use to research my own products is the exact same software that we'll use to research your products too.

Currently I'm using the following software for product research:

1. Jungle Scout - $49 Per Month

2. Helium 10 - $197 Per Month

3. Merchant Words - $39 Per Month

For locating great suppliers I use:

3. Panjiva - $300 Per Month

Your Monthly Saving = $585 US Dollars

That's money you don't have to spend on software because we'll use our software for you!

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching With Me

4 times per month on a Monday at 8pm you will be coached by me, personally, in a group setting where I will explain step-by-step how to succeed in creating massive income on Amazon.

If you're already in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs you'll know that this is 100% pure coaching, not a pre-recorded webinar or a 15-page PDF e-book.

The coaching is packed with intense motivation to make you want to fight for success like your life depended on it, insight for making your income work for you, and advice for Amazon sellers at every level.

Plus there’s Q&A!

I leave a large portion of this meeting open for answering any questions you have and the entire coaching is highly interactive.

Full Access to Our VIP Facebook Group

You’ll join our private community of motivated Amazon sellers who are ready and happy to share their expertise with you as well as learn from you.

If you're already in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs or My Inner Circle you'll know that the people in our VIP community are on fire to help each other reach their Amazon business goals and the discussions are packed with loads of encouragement and expert advice.

PLUS my team and I are very active in this group and make sure every question posted gets answered.

This group is only available to members and because of that there's zero idiots trying to spam us and we get to share great sercrets about building an Amazon business.

Get These Amazon Experts As Your Coach
(Choose The One You Want!)

Sue Josephson

Sue's own business making mid 6 figures a year!

Jeffry Loho

Jeffry makes $135K a month on Amazon Australia & USA!

Pippa McCreery

Pippa's business makes over $30,000 a month!

When you join me in my Diamond Level Membership you’ll get access to my advanced Amazon Inner Circle, too.

Every month you will receive the latest Amazon seller hacks. These hacks are not standard Amazon selling tips, but guerrilla techniques that FEW sellers know about and the ones who do, HATE for others to learn them.

Here’s one example: In your first month, I will teach you a hack that can move your product to the top 5% in Amazon searches by "tricking" the system.

Get Sam As Your Amazon Expert Mentor - His Business Makes $212,341.13
(yes he's one of our mentors too!)

Just to be clear, none of these hacks are illegal or shady. They are common sense married to insider tech strategies creating incredible results that still surprise me to this day.

Using my advanced Amazon strategies in your Amazon business means you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Finally, with my Diamond Level Membership, rest assured you won’t have to figure this out for yourself because you will also get...

Unlimited Support

And I have something else for you as well...

Unlimited personal support for as long as you're in my Diamond Level.

Not just your Amazon expert coaching you to success.. But Me Too!

Look – I don’t think you’ll really need it, but my personal help is there if you want it.

So, anytime you need ‘me’...just drop me an email to hello@roarlocal.com.au or tag me in our Facebook group and I’ll get back to you with my hard-won experience and advice.

The bottom-line is that we’ll be right by your side should you need us.

We’ll be holding your hand, ensuring that YOU turn this training into exactly what you want: your own, hands-free, money-making Internet business!

Phew… We’ve covered a lot of ground, huh?

Let’s stop for a breather and I’ll recap everything for you.


Diamond Clients Get RESULTS!

Brian Tormey

"Making 5 - 10 sales a day, consistently!"

Susan Sievers

"$5509 for this month!"

Lizzy Peeler

" 1st day of my launch and I'm already on Page 1!!"

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’ll Get In The Diamond Level Membership

  • Your own personal Amazon expert coach who meets with you two times a month for an hour - Value $500
  • Neil Asher as your personal Amazon consultant working with your coach to skyrocket your business - Value $1,000
  • Access to My Advanced Amazon Inner Circle Strategies and Techniques - Value $177
  • A huge potential market niche idea that is exclusive to you sent to you every month - Value $500
  • Four live AOE group Q&A Sessions - Value  $100
  • Full Access to the AOE Private Facebook Group - Value  $100
  • Step by Step Amazon FBA training system - Value  $100
  • Unlimited Monthly Support - Value  $200
  • Our Software used to find you great products everymonth to make more money with! Currently Jungle scout + Helium 10 + Merchant words + Panjiva - Value $585


That’s quite some list, right?

And, as you can see, that’s genuine value. Not some over-inflated BS numbers where an ebook is $1,000!

Now clearly I have a special deal for you so let me show it to you

When I sat down with my team and discussed how to ensure your success with an Amazon business, we looked at what the perfect coaching package would consist of—advanced training, one-on-one mentoring, tons of support for you and amazing products all researched and ready to go.

I believe it’s a bulletproof way to build your Amazon business.

But, this level of personalized service is not cheap.

To make it cheap, I’d have to outsource your coaching to India and your support to the Philippines…

But you wouldn’t want that, would you?

I thought not. So, instead, everything is handled by us here in Oz.

Normally that means expensive... bloody expensive, like $1,000’s of dollars a month!

But that sucks because it would put this life-changing information out of reach of the people who genuinely need it.

So, instead, I’ve spent my own money to automate some of the back-end processes and I’m banking on your glowing testimonial (once you’re making great money) to help me raise the price for new people that join after you.. Fair enough?

So, here’s the deal: If you’ll invest today, you’ll pay just $597 (AUD) a month. I think you’ll agree that this is incredible value for money because you’ll be
saving $3185!


If you’re committed to going for it, you can
SAVE ANOTHER $1,167 by getting 12 months access to the Diamond Level for just $5,997.

Warning: Time Is A Factor

That low price, however, will NOT last long… If you’ve been around me for awhile you know that I constantly raise my prices.

For instance, the Basic Level of AOE membership went from $37 to $47 and now $77 and another price rise to $97 is coming when we hit 2000 members.

In short, I’m not messing around. This is not some cheap trick to get you to buy now. I will raise the price and I’m dead serious when I say that only the first 15 action takers will get The Diamond Level Membership at the price of just $597.

As soon as the fifteenth person joins, this level of service will go up to $747 a month…

Still great value for money but, clearly, it’s smarter to get in now, at the low price.

As always, you can cancel at any time, for any reason, there are no long term contracts or commitments and it’s my responsibility to WOW you so you stick around.

So, join me or stay stuck. I’m sorry to be so blunt but we both know that it’s my job to give it to you straight. You have to take action now!

I know deep down you want change and you want the freedom that a successful and profitable Amazon business will give you. And, as your coach and mentor, it’s my job to help you get there. I’m committed to doing that but I can’t force you.

You have to take the first step and I’ll be there for you every step after!

You know how I roll, you know I keep my word and so it’s your call as to what you do next.

I don’t want to “sell” this. You’ll know yourself, deep down inside, if what I have said has moved you… If it has, come join me and let me show you a new way of living life.

===> CLICK HERE To Start Today!!

Remember: Tomorrow, all 15 spots might be taken and then the price goes up.

So, don't rain check your dreams for the perfect timing. It won't come. If your heart is ready to change your life, ACT NOW!

Neil Asher
Founder The Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

$5000 A Month After 3 Months in Diamond!

P.S. If you don’t decide to join me in the Diamond Membership level, then you have made the decision to stay exactly where you are and keep doing what you’ve been doing. (You see, people don’t realise there is never a time we don’t make a decision.)  I hope you decide to change that.

P.P.S. Imagine where you’ll be in 6 months or even a year's time if you decide not to join me. Will you have the financial freedom to do what you love doing, or even have the financial security you need in the future? It’s a well-known fact that people mostly regret what they don’t do… not what they did do. Please don’t do that to yourself!

Get Started On Your Journey To Financial Freedom Now!

Diamond Level Monthly Membership - $597/m

Diamond Level Yearly Membership SAVE $1,167

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is it for?

    It works equally well for new and established Amazon sellers. If you’re just starting out, we will teach you exactly what to do to get from “I have no idea what I’m doing...” to “HELL Yes, I make my living on Amazon!”. If you’re already successful, we’ll teach you how to get on the next level.

  • Why do I need this if I’m already in the AOE or your inner circle?

    Diamond Level Membership includes all the great benefits of being in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs ($77 a month) PLUS all the cashola creating secrets I share in my advanced Amazon inner Circle ($177 a month) PLUS extra one-on-one coaching, personalized advice and A-game strategies that you can’t get elsewhere... AND you’ll get 1 fully researched ready-to-create-cashola Amazon product that you exclusively own.

    So why do you need this? Well, it’s the fast track to Amazon Success and right now it's a bloody amazing deal, that’s why!

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Of course. If you’re not happy, or your circumstances change or you just want a break… no worries, let me know and I’ll take care of things for you.

  • If it’s not for me, can I go back to where I was (AOE or Inner Circle Membership only)?

    Yes, you can downgrade your membership at any time back to the level (and payment plan) you were on, making this zero risk to check out.

  • Which Amazon marketplaces do you cover?

    All of them. The product ideas, strategies and tactics that come with the Diamond Level Membership have been tested and work equally well in Australia, the US, the UK, Canada, India or any other marketplace.

  • Is the researched product really exclusive to me?

    Yes. We will NOT share the information with anyone else or use it ourselves.

  • Can I pick the coach I want?

    Of course. If you have a preference, then I’ll make sure you get who you want. If you want to change your coach half way through that’s cool, too. So, for instance, you can start with Kate whilst you’re picking products, move onto Pippa when you’re branding and finish up with Mick or Sam when you want to go overseas.

  • Can I log Into Your Software?

    No, we use the software to find and research your monthly Amazon product, you are not able to access it yourself as this would require a user license for you which would double the price of the software, of course if we did that we'd have to pass on that cost to you unfortunately and we'd prefer to keep this affordable for you. Rest assured however you'll get all the due dilligence so you can see for yourself how great a product we've found for you!

Diamond Rocks!

Time Is Running Out... Let Today Be The Day You Get Your Finances On Track

Diamond Level Monthly Membership - $597/m

Diamond Level Yearly Membership SAVE $1,167

Disclaimer Although I am confident my coaching program can help any serious person be successful, I make no guarantees as to what income level you will reach. Not only would it be illegal for me to do so, it would be irresponsible, as I cannot force you to implement what you learn. And I especially cannot guarantee that you will even participate. It is completely up to you. If you are desperate and considering using the last remaining money you have in your bank, I DO NOT want your money. I prefer to work with folks who are financially stable, have a job, etc. If you are looking for a magic wand or anything like that, this is not for you. This is about creating a real, sustainable business for you, and there will be some expense and time required. Due to our time being irreplaceable, there are NO REFUNDS on this coaching program.