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A New Study Reveals That a Whopping 9 out of 10 Businesses Lack the Skill Set to Grow and Thrive on Amazon Australia.

Which Means…For an Aussie Online Entrepreneur Like You, It’s a Massive Opportunity!

(Use it to Collect Income of $130,000 Per Year or More… Plus “Bonus” Money You Never Imagined Possible!)

From the desk of Neil Asher
Founder of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs
Current Location - Lisbon, Portugal

Dear Aussie Online Entrepreneur,

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the latest research:

Over 90% of companies who should be using Amazon to grow their businesses…


Not because they don’t want to… or think they don’t need to…

It’s because they simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it right.

And that’s a real shame.

Because, according to
Bloomberg, 49% of ALL product searches start on Amazon.

That means almost  half the population doesn’t even bother going to Google anymore. They simply go straight to Amazon.

Customers love shopping on Amazon. They know it, they like it and most importantly they trust it.

So, for companies that don't have an Amazon strategy or presence…

It’s a mistake that could be costing them literally tens of thousands… hundreds of thousands… even millions of dollars in new sales every year.

But for you, this is a MASSIVE opportunity.

As an Aussie Online Entrepreneur, you can be a hero to these companies… make a great income (most in the form of non-stop, reliable monthly retainers… ) and have a blast doing it.

And I’ll show you exactly how in just a minute.

But first, let me reveal something about myself that you may not know.

You already know that I’m the boss here at the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, you probably know my own Amazon business will do $5 million this year and that I sell in 9 countries now.

But what you may not know is that I also have a great side hustle offering my consulting services to businesses here in Oz to get them on Amazon.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak to hundreds of business owners who are desperate to increase their sales,but don't have the skills you and I have.

So they have no idea how to leverage Amazon to…

✓ Set up a seller central account
✓ List their products on Amazon
✓ Know what their images are supposed to do
✓ Know how to launch their product properly
✓ Send their products to the Amazon warehouse

They KNOW that if they want to make windfall sales they SHOULD be on Amazon.

So, it boggles my mind when I hear that so many companies don’t use Amazon to sell their products and create new life time customers — either at all or as effectively as they should.

Which is why I’m here today with a unique proposal….

I’ll Help You Become an EXPERT in Helping Businesses Get Their Products On Amazon.

I want you to take advantage of the HUGE demand for skilled Amazon consulting professionals…

And be the go-to resource any of these millions of companies can turn to when it comes to planning and executing a professional and highly effective Amazon strategy…

Whether it’s setting up their seller central account…

Creating the perfect images for their products…

Helping your client launch their products onto Amazon …

Engaging customers on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and others…

Or all of the above!

Now, I know that might sound daunting…

But in reality, you already have all the skills you need to do this!.


Look at what’s involved…

Everything that a company needs to start selling on Amazon is all covered in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs training!!

So you already have the skills you need, plus because this is all online, it means you can build your consulting business from home, or indeed from anywhere!

Often with just your computer and an internet connection!

So imagine…

Earning upfront money for helping businesses get started on Amazon.

Earning an ongoing royalty commission as you help them grow their sales.

All without investing a cent of your own money for; samples, freight, stock or marketing!

If you thought building a “regular” business on Amazon gave you the freedom to live and work anywhere…

Being an Amazon consultant takes it to the next level!

In fact, I was told by one consultant with Amazon clients that he was consulting with a client while waiting in line for his coffee at Starbucks!

In a minute, I’ll walk you through a few “typical projects” you might have as an Amazon consultant…

But first, I want to talk about something I’m sure you’re wondering about: the money.

Because as fun and easy as Amazon consulting can be, you need to be able to make a living with it.

So let me start by emphasizing this…

The fact that you already know how to help these businesses and we cover all this in the AOE training does NOT make it worth any less.

Quite the opposite!

As an Amazon consultant, you could begin earning six figures much faster than you could from building your own Amazon business— simply because you can grow your consulting business so much faster.

And once you’re an Amazon consultant, you have so many amazing options.

✓ You can make it your specialty…
✓ You can use it as an additional revenue stream…
✓ You can use it to work with wholesalers wanting to develop their own sales online…
✓ You can even use it as a way to own a percentage of multiple Amazon businesses.

I’ll go through all these options in a minute.

But from a money standpoint, there’s no question.

With the average business having 10 or so products that they typically want to get onto Amazon

Dollar for Dollar, Amazon Ranks as One of the Highest Paying Forms of Consulting in the Business World!

Best of all you ALREADY have the skills you need to help your clients businesses!

That’s why a lot of AOE members choose to start a profitable side business as an Amazon consultant FIRST.

They can start generating an income right away — while they’re working on their own Amazon business, or more usually whilst they’re waiting for things to happen such as;

• Their samples to arrive
• Their products being shipped from China to FBA, or even
• While they’re waiting for their product niche to take off

Because the work you do for clients can have such a profound impact on a company’s bottom-line profits, the pay can be much greater than investing your own money into your own Amazon business.

Not only that, unlike other forms of advertising, it costs practically nothing for companies to be on Amazon…

Which means the only expense they’ll have is paying you to run it for them!

So what can you expect to earn as an Amazon consultant?

To answer that question, let’s look at just two of the activities virtually every company in Australia should be doing.

The “2 Cashola Creators” of Amazon Consulting

The first thing any company needs — whether it’s the local store selling specialty goods at a farmers market or a larger brick and mortar business — is a way to sell their products online.

Listen I don’t need to tell you that there’s a demographic shift towards shopping online.

The high street is changing.

Shops are closing and being replaced by cafes, and what are people doing in the cafes?

They’re on the mobiles and laptops…. Shopping online!

As more and more people shop online more and more businesses recognise that they too have to offer their products online.

But as any smart business owners knows….

To Make Money You Need To Be Where The Shoppers Are Shopping

Online that’s Amazon!

You already know that the majority of people start their search for products online.

Well, guess what, so do your potential clients!

Here’s a screenshot from Google analytics showing the number of business owners searching for information on selling their products on Amazon.

Staggering huh?

And importantly that figure is DOUBLE what it was last year and next year it will DOUBLE AGAIN!

Now stop just for a second and think about that.

The market for your services as a consultant is doubling every year…. Does that sound like the sort of business you’d want to be a part of?

So what is the going rate to help get a business on to Amazon?

$2000 - $5000 depending on how many products they have

And that doesn’t include any ongoing services your clients might ask you for, such as product launches and any of the other cool stuff I teach you in AOE.

Talking of other services, let's take a look at the other activity every company in the world wants:

A way to get new customers for their business.

Now this is something that you may not have thought of yet because for the most part you’re focused on selling on Amazon.

But if you have a regular offline business your No 1 priority is to find a way to consistently get new customers.

In the offline world that is bloody expensive, here’s what most offline businesses do to try and get new customers:

  • They run expensive adverts in the newspaper
  • They pay high rents to try and be in the areas where lots of people are
  • They do things like local Google advertising which is VERY expensive relative to what we pay, in fact one company I used to own paid $55 for every click on their Google ad!

They have no idea what they’re doing and no idea what works :(

Let Me Tell You a Little Money-Making Secret. Marketing is a Piece of Piss, it’s Very Simple.

All you need to do is to put your product in front of people who are ready to buy!

That makes sense right?

So, the next question for you, and pay attention because this is important to your wealth:

“Where is there a constant stream of people online who are looking for things to buy?”

That’s right ...AMAZON!

So by helping them get their businesses onto Amazon you’re going to be putting their products in front of a constant stream of new customers who are ready to buy.

Obviously, the ONLY reason they go to Amazon, is to buy something!

So you’ll be adding new customers to their business, and let me tell you your clients will absofreakinlutely LOVE you!!!

Now one last business lesson so you can see why you can make so much money doing this.

Typically a bricks and mortar business has a marketing budget of 10% of their sales.

Meaning if the business makes $1 million a year (average in Australia) then they spend $100K on marketing, still with me?

OK good, that $100K is split between various marketing activities, newspaper ads, Google etc etc

All their combined marketing that they do will create new customers for their business, so if the company spends $25,000 a year on newspaper advertising for instance and those adverts create 500 new customers, then each new customer has cost them $25,000 / 500 = $50

So their marketing cost for a new customer is $50

Still with me?


Once you have set up a new product on Amazon and used my simple strategies to launch the product and get it to page 1, guess how much it’ll cost you for each new customer Amazon gives you?


Amazon is the ultimate marketing platform for businesses because it already has the customers!

So, in this scenario, every new customer your client gets from Amazon saves them $50!!

How many sales a day can your clients expect to make?

Well, let’s suppose it’s just 1 sale a day, which we can both agree is crap, and I know we can do much better, but let’s be conservative.

1 sale a day saves your client $50
7 sales a week saves your client $350
30 sales a month saves your client $1500
365 sales a year saves your client $18,250

Even In A Terrible Worst Case Scenario You Still Add $18,250 To Your Client’s Bottom line!

Think they’d love you for that?

You bet your sweet bippy they would!!

That figure also doesn’t take into account that some of their new customers will order more than 1 of their products nor does it take into consideration repeat customers, but want to show you conservative figures you know you can achieve.

A very simple way to profit from this would be to set up either a monthly retainer of say $1000 a month to manage things for your client.

So with just 1 new client a month you’d be making $12,000 a month in your first year as a consultant!

Or $130,000 a year come your first full year!

Add in the $2000 - $5000 each client pays for the set up of everything and you can see why this is such an exciting and profitable business!

Or, if you’re like me, I like to get paid on performance.

So all I ask for is 7% of the sales on Amazon.

So I charge my upfront fee and then 7%, and now I don’t want to start blowing your mind with crazy numbers, but with very little effort and the right client that alone is worth $100,000 a year or more!

As I said, I’m not going to go too deep into that so let’s just focus on upfront fees for the work and a monthly retainer to manage it for now :)

Once you’ve done a few I’ll show you how to do the “pay for performance” deals.

As you can already see there’s a ton of ways to help your Amazon consulting clients.

And you’ll learn how to become a “certified pro” at all of them in just a minute.

But before I tell you how…

There’s another obvious benefit here. One that I touched on before…

Amazon Leads to NEW Consulting Projects

As soon as your client makes their first sale on Amazon their entire life will change.

They’ll realize that Amazon works and better still, you know what you’re doing.

So it stands to reason that one of the first questions they’ll ask you is….

“How Can I Make Even More Money On Amazon?”

You’d ask the same question too right?

And of course the answer is to use some of the cool stuff I teach you in AOE to grow your sales.

Cashola creating strategies such as

  • Facebook marketing
  • Amazon SEO
  • Bundling their products
  • Upsells that Amazon does for them
  • And much much more

Now, who do you think they’re going to turn to to get these other cashola creating strategies applied to their Amazon business


You’ll quickly discover that your clients will come back again and again for your help

Paying you each time they do.

There’s no end to the amount of help businesses can use to promote their goods.

And it’s no secret most business owners would prefer to deal with one consultant rather than try to coordinate everything between two or three…

So, in effect, you’re assigning yourself cashola creating projects!

Being able to handle all their Amazon requirements is a huge plus for them AND you.

You'll have more potential paying assignments… more income per client… plus, you'll keep the competition out of your accounts.

So, let’s say those clients hand you another $5,000 in projects over the course of a year…

Now we’re up to $190,000 in income…

But there’s one more enormous benefit to mastering Amazon than just the fees, monthly retainers, and the extra income you can earn…

A benefit that can put literally hundreds of thousands of dollars more in consulting fees in your pocket…

And one that’s overlooked by most consultants….

Amazon is the BEST Way to Get Your Foot in the Door with NEW Clients!

This is huge.

Listen, the No 1 thing I hear from new Amazon consultants is “How will I get clients?”

You’ve probably thought that too, right?

Well, here’s how Amazon solves that problem for you.

Amazon is currently the 4th largest advertiser in Australia.

Read that again.

Amazon spends a fortune telling people that they should be shopping on Amazon

  • TV ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads
  • Social Media

It goes on and on and on

They have a huge budget that they invest in building the Amazon brand in Australia

What that means for you is you get a free ride on the Amazon advertising!

You’ve already seen that 1000’s of people are looking for help each and every month and that number is doubling every year!

And if you stick with me, I’m going to share something very exciting with you and show you how you can leverage my Amazon business building reputation to give you even more clients and credibility.


How Much Longer Do You Want To Keep Delaying
The Things You REALLY Want To Do?

Erika Steel - WA

“I have just negotiated with my first client an exclusive partnership for his range of Health Supplements on Amazon Australia. I run the Amazon side - he runs the normal business. No stock to buy, no risk, and 25% of the net income each fortnight. It was so easy it was stupid... The problem is not opportunity - it is which opportunity!”

Mark Townsend - QLD

“loving the e-commerce consulting course. Awesome information and all in easy to manage chunks”

Karen Thomson - NSW

“3 new clients this month just from following the step by step systems!”


I hope it’s becoming clear just what a fantastic opportunity Amazon is for you.

I’ve told you about the huge demand: 9 out of 10 companies in the world either don't use Amazon or aren't using it effectively.

I’ve told you how starting a lucrative side hustle as an Amazon consultant is fast and easy once you have the skills and know what businesses need from Amazon marketing — which means you can work as little or as much as you like.

I’ve explained how being an Amazon consultant is, by far, the highest paying form of consulting you can do.

I’ve shown you the money you can make — as well all the ways Amazon can boost your consulting business for you.

And I’ve told you how you can literally work from anywhere. (As I mentioned earlier, some Amazon consultants do much of their work right on their smart phone!)

Now let’s change gears and talk about the training programme I‘ve put together that’s going to teach you how to do this effortlessly.

It’s important to mention that when I put this programme together I started at the very beginning, I made a simple assumption… you’ve never been a consultant before.

So when I sat down to work on this,I knew I had to make it VERY comprehensive.

So I  went “off the grid” for about eight months —to work exclusively on building this programme for you.

Happily, it’s now 100%  complete!  And I’m proud to say it’s jam-packed with over 5 years of knowledge, experience, and “secrets” that can only come from working with some of the most successful users of Amazon on the planet.

When I first launched this programme 18 months ago I had an incredible response with new consultants telling me it was the best course they’d ever done

Which, to be 100% honest with you, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But here’s the thing…

I’m never satisfied. I’m a perfectionist.

So, over time, I’ve kept adding to the programme.

And adding… and adding.

Every time I discovered a new technique… a new strategy… or whenever a new Amazon strategy worked, I’d find a way to jam it into this programme for you.

Now it’s 85% brand NEW material, I’ve added in some super sexy new systems for you and it’s an even better programme than it was!

Amazon Consultant Mastery — In 6 Weeks or Less!

I’ve set up the programme into six (6) easy-to-follow learning modules…

With the very simple idea of mastering each one of them over the course of a week…

Of course, there’s no set time frame for completing the programme. You can study this at a time and pace that suits you on your own schedule.

But with the new streamlined format, you’ll be on a step-by-step, “take you by the hand” programme that can transform you from someone knowing nothing about consulting to an Amazon consultant…

In less than two months.

That’s assuming you can commit an hour or so a day to the programme.

If you have more time — and you already have a good understanding of Amazon — you can probably finish in half the time.

But whether you’re ready to master the skills FAST… or take your time…

The newest version of How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant “2.0” is the best update I’ve ever done to the programme.

And it’s ready for you right now.

Here Are the Extraordinarily Valuable Skills You’ll Master, Week by Week:

Let me break down each of the 8 learning modules for you… so you have a good idea of what you’ll be learning as you move through this extraordinary programme.

WEEK 1: Kick-starting Your Amazon Consulting Career

This is your introduction and initiation into the lucrative world of Consulting.

My goal here is to make sure you have a complete understanding of what Amazon consulting is…

Why it’s so important for businesses… how businesses should be using Amazon… and what you’re going to need to become an expert and produce real results for your clients.

The focus in Week 1 is understanding Amazon from the standpoint of helping your consulting business first.

Then, in subsequent weeks, you take that knowledge to your paying clients, so you can help them grow their businesses.

You’ll discover…

✓ A specific 1-2-3 system for identifying and locating the EXACT prospects who fit PERFECTLY with your skills AND who will pay you the MOST with the LEAST resistance!

✓ Why you don’t need to work for years to achieve some stratospheric kind of GURU-STATUS before getting into Amazon consulting - in fact, you probably have a REAL Advantage if you don’t!

✓ How to close massive, big-dollar consulting deals without effort... AND without any kind of hassles, “twist-your-arm” hard selling, and in-your-face tactics. Instead, it’s an easy, natural, 100% collaborative process producing REAL money.

And much, much more.

WEEK 2: Creating Confidence and Authority

In week two I’m going go through my fast start system to create confidence and authority in you and your marketplace

With my system you’ll quickly see a fundamental truth about consulting…

...It’s not about you, it’s about helping your clients and establishing that authority so clients come to you, there’s a formula for that and I want to share it with you.

Here’s some of the things I’ll cover in week 2

✓ The strategy of omnipresence, being where your clients are looking so when they are ready to go they come to you.

✓ You’ll learn my “Authority Positioning For Amazon Consultants” system, your clients will see you as the top authority in your field.

✓ You’ll also learn my Premium Brand Positioning philosophy, it’s the same thing I use to be the most expensive (and successful) seller in all my niches on Amazon, applied to you and your consulting it will mean MUCH more cashola for you

And much, much more!

WEEK 3: Maximizing Amazon's Impact for Your Clients

Now the fun begins…

Here’s where you start really learning how to use Amazon to make money for your clients…

By learning everything Amazon can achieve, and how to design and create a professional Amazon campaign for a new business.

You’ll discover…

✓ The eight main goals of Amazon and how to prioritize them for every client…

✓ The three levels of loyalty your clients need to build through Amazon.

✓ Strategies to “build your client’s brand” through Amazon…

✓ The best ways to use Amazon to drive hungry customers to local businesses. (It costs next to nothing… few use it… and you’ll be a hero by using this strategy for your clients)…

✓ The Facebook “tweak” you can steal that turned Burt’s Bees into an Amazon powerhouse…

And much, much more!

WEEK 4: Mastering the Amazon Consulting Tools That Will Make You Look Like a Genius.

By now you’ll have covered a lot of ground about understanding, planning, and executing an Amazon campaign.

While all that “soaks in,” I dedicates Week 4 to discovering all the “tools” you need to know about as an Amazon consultant — to monitor trends, measure activity, and report results back to your client.

This is the stuff that separates the pros (you) from the pretenders out there.

Plus, it’s a great way to gain an even deeper understanding of the “inner workings” of Amazon, so you can keep delivering enormous value to your clients.

You’ll discover…

✓ Your “A-to-Z plan for dealing with a new client — from your very first contact… to quoting your fee… to creating a plan… to getting paid… and everything in between…

✓ Insider secrets to finding compatible consulting clients. Don’t waste your time on “Tyre-kickers” and “Time wasters!” Have a steady stream of qualified clients lining up to do business with you.

✓ How you can be paid 25% per deal (this is the top end of the spectrum… most consultants only manage to get a maximum of 15%!)

✓ An 8 step plan to guarantee a good client call every time! (“Dead Air” on a call means you don’t know what you’re doing… don’t let it happen to you!)

And much, much more.

WEEK 5: All the Clients You Can Handle: How to Sell Yourself as an Amazon Consultant.

You’ve gained a deep understanding of Amazon. You know how to plan and write a successful campaign.

Now it’s time for all that new-found knowledge to start making you money!

And it all starts with my 12-step process for selling your Amazon services so you can land your first client in no time…

You’ll discover…

✓ Why every Amazon consultant should specialize — and how to choose the niche perfectly suited to you…

✓ How to “talk” to a prospective client like an expert — including the first 5 questions you MUST ask…

✓ The best places to find great consulting opportunities with hot products to sell (this untapped gold mine is full of “first strike advantage” products… get in before someone else does!)

✓ How to leverage Brand, capital customer lists, inventory and connections to your absolute advantage! (Once you know this, you practically have a license to “print money!”)

✓ My closely guarded secret to convincing people to go into business with you, accept all the risk, invest all the capital… and pay you big bucks for the privilege! (You won’t believe how simple it is!)

✓ How to close like a Sales Pro even if you hate selling. Stick to this script and you’ll make the Wolf of Wall Street look like an amateur!

And much, much more.

WEEK 6: Your Amazon Consulting Success!

Here’s where I go advanced with you.

By this point in my training you know more than 95% of other so called experts out there.

Now I want to give you the final pieces of the puzzle, this is where you reach the top and I take you inside my secret vault of Amazon consultant strategies, you’re in for a rare treat here

You’ll discover…

✓ Pitfalls to avoid when it comes to making sure your coaching members stay with you, so they can keep giving you money. This is how NOT to lose them when you get them!

✓ How to transcend “billable hours” and catapult your practice into the money zone where you no longer have to play that “cat and mouse” game (This is HUGE!)

✓ What to secretly farm out and subcontract to reduce your work, permit taking on more clients, and make a lot more money. This is the secret to making your consulting and coaching business more scalable.

✓ How to get over 85% of your clients to come back and keep hiring you. This is the secret to longevity in this business, and it’s infinitely easier to get repeat business from existing clients than finding new clients.

✓ How to manage common client headaches. I’ve probably experienced every single Amazon client issue on the planet, and I want to show you how you can mitigate these headaches as painlessly as possible.

And much, much more!

Again, I’m only touching on a few of the highlights of this incredibly comprehensive programme. By now you can see that, How to Make Money As An Amazon Consultant is a “total immersion” into this important and fast-moving world…

The great thing about these weekly modules is each one builds off the previous one…

So very quickly, you go from gaining a solid grasp of Amazon Consultant after Weeks 1 & 2… to having a core understanding after weeks 3 & 4… to a higher level of mastery, thanks to weeks 5.

Then, Week 6 is all about applying that new knowledge to “real world” situations, beginning with using Amazon to grow your own clients’ businesses FAST

And I’ve made learning convenient too.

Each information rich training module contains a video and audio file that you can watch and listen to on any device… along with a PDF of the slides for you too.

But your learning doesn't stop with just the 6 weekly learning sessions…

Because all that experience I’ve gained working online for 20 years…

All those lessons learned from years of working with top-tier clients…

All that amazing content I’ve created over the years…

Well, it’s simply too much and “too varied” to include as part of the 6-week core learning sessions.

So instead, I’ve created a series of amazing bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: Your Exclusive “60-Day Client Amazon Success Plan”

Amazon is growing.

The opportunity is massive.

I want you to help your clients make money as fast as possible!

More money for them means more money for you.

So I’ve put together a detailed 60 day timeline step by step what happens when you get a new client.

From signing a contract for consulting services with you

To launching their products onto Amazon and making sales

The whole thing is laid out for you so you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get…

Bonus #2: The Secret Power of “Performance Pay”

When I consult for clients I always insist on getting paid a percentage of sales.


Simple, you can make tens of thousands a year from just 1 client!

All I do is offer no upfront fees and a small percentage of the ongoing sales, typically 7%.

So when I apply the same simple step by step strategies I’ll teach you to their Amazon businesses

It’s not uncommon for those businesses to make one, two three hundred thousand dollars a year on Amazon, making my cut.. A cool $21,000


I have one client who made over $1,000,000 on Amazon last year making me $70,000!

If you like the idea of making $70K from 1 client I’ve got my complete system for you!

Bonus #3: Worried about Finding (and Keeping) Clients? See this Exclusive Video…

If there’s one thing about Amazon consultants, it’s that we love to help businesses… but we hate getting clients.

So, I’ve created a very special video with 5 simple steps for setting up your Amazon consulting business…

With a special focus on finding great clients.

You’ll discover:

✓ How to identify those dozen clients out of millions that best suit your interests, your skillset, your background… even your personality…

✓ Use my very own “4-line email strategy” for getting new clients with zero selling…

✓ The first 5 questions you should ask every new and prospective client — questions that will guarantee a successful and lucrative relationship for both you and your client…

✓ The best “first assignment” for new consultants with new clients…

✓ My powerful “10% rule” that will keep you working for the clients you want forever…

✓ How to give each of your clients “Unique Brands” on Amazon so they’ll stand over and above their competition…

And much more!

Bonus #4: Order Now and Get FREE Access to my $5000 Consulting Contract:

Listen, one thing I’ve learned is that having a good solid legal document that clearly outlines your consulting relationship with your client can save you thousands of dollars,and position you as a professional from the get go.

There’s plenty of horror stories out there about well meaning consultants getting themselves into trouble because they didn’t put a contract in place with their clients.

So when I started consulting I wanted to do it properly.

I went to my contract lawyer Christos, or as I call him “The Pit Bull,”to engage his services to write a watertight contract.

30 days later and after a ton of back and forth to get it perfect,I had an awesome legal agreement that would ensure I was covered as a consultant.

Cost for Christos to write the contract for me?

$5000 + GST

And you know what, I was happy to pay it.

But I know that right now you probably don’t want to spend $5000 on getting a contract written, right?

So, I’m going to give you mine to use :)

All you need to do is fill in your details and your clients and you’re good to go.

Saving you $5000 +GST

As you can see, the “2.0” version of my newly updated How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant is jam-packed with everything you need to become a successful, high-level expert in the lucrative and in-demand Amazon niche.

And there’s so much more you’ll discover once you dive into the programme.

  • You’ll have all the strategies and techniques you’ll need to be a well-paid “hero” to the tens of thousands of businesses out there who need professional help getting their businesses onto Amazon.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to earn $150,000 with just a few clients — or much, much more when you put the full client-generating power of Amazon to work for your own Amazon consulting business.
  • Instead of having to go out and search for clients — clients will come to you… all thanks to your new Amazon consulting skills.
  • You’ll become an “instant expert” in all the Amazon strategies your clients should be using; Setting up Seller Central, getting their products into FBA, getting their Amazon listing live, their Amazon product launch… and much much more.
  • You’ll know the best, most efficient Amazon consulting  tools, so you can manage and monitor your client's Amazon activity.
  • You’ll know where to find new and relevant Amazon marketing strategies for any clients.
  • You’ll have a complete and thorough understanding of the strategy behind professional Amazon marketing efforts… ways to engage your client and encourage buying without seeming too pushy.
  • You’ll get an 8 step plan to guarantee a good client call every time! (“Dead Air” on a call means you don’t know what you’re doing… don’t let it happen to you!)
  • You’ll also get my 60-Day New Client Success Plan, that gives you a daily path you can follow to quickly move your Amazon clients forward — including important “consulting milestones” you can check off along the way.
  • Plus to make your life easier, I'll show you the best way to divvy up the work (you need to work smart so you can leverage yourself and do more deals… do it wrong and you’ll seriously cap your potential!)

All this and much, much more…

I’m sure by now you’re very excited….

About the prospect of learning this valuable new skill so easily and so quickly with all this new, up-to-the-minute content.

About the added income it can generate for you — forever.

And, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but you’ll learn from one of the top digital marketing and Amazon consultants in the business.

Listen to what other people are saying about my How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant programme has helped them kickstart a totally new income stream:

You’ll be guaranteed a spot ahead of the pack as you ride on the crest of a wave, and soar high above other Amazon sellers who don’t know this.

In fact, when you get up to this rarified air space, you’re going to discover something pretty controversial and life-changing.

You see….

AOE Member Bec Minchin Lands Her First Big Deal!

AOE Member Anthony Makes $80K!

LOTS Of Businesses Looking For Help!

These are just a few of the “fans” I’ve won over with my brand new How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant programme

And now it’s your turn …

But you’re probably wondering how much it all costs.

Well, I’ll start by saying — anytime you can make an investment in yourself and your future — it’s a good one.

And… when we’re talking about a skill as relevant as Amazon… a niche of the consulting world that’s been doubling year on year and is set to double AGAIN this year..

And… when you consider having this skill can impact your income by $130,000 with just a few clients…

And… it can give you the knowledge and the tools to grow your consulting business by hundreds of thousands of dollars more…

And… you’re learning everything, and I mean everything, I know about making a ton of cashola from this working it as a simple side hustle.

Well, it becomes very hard to put a real value on what a resource like this is worth.

So, let’s turn the question around…

What Is This HUGE Financial Opportunity Worth to You?

What’s it worth to you… to become an in-demand expert in a new and fast-growing market where 90% of businesses genuinely need your help?

Where you can earn a great six-figure annual income… helping great Aussie businesses get onto Amazon… working from (literally) anywhere in the world?

If I said it would cost you $10,000 for a skill that can earn you millions in your lifetime — would it be a smart investment?

Without question.

How about $5,000?

Of course!

But I think you know…

Even though it’s worth every penny of $5,000… I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that to access this life changing programme.

Hold on to your hat….

How To Make Money As An Amazon Marketing Consultant is just $797.

Given the doors it will open for you and the massive potential for new income — that price is an out-and-out bargain.

But I’m not done …

There’s Another Bonus I Want to Send You…

It’s something I struggled with adding because it takes up so much of my personal time to do it for you.

It’s a real game changer though, so I really wanted to include it.

It’s a series of 6 powerful webinars, hosted by me, featuring unique insights and strategies I’ve picked up over the years running successful Amazon campaigns for clients of all sizes.

These webinars will complete your learning experience by covering important ground on a variety of topics:


How to Price Your Amazon Services

Consultants new to Amazon want to know:

How much of a retainer should I charge relative to the size and Amazon activity of a client’s Amazon platforms?

What should I charge for extra projects like product launches or special promotions?

What if I’m hired as a consultant only?

What kinds of companies pay the highest fees, and so on?

I answer all these questions and more in this not-to-be-missed online session.


How to Gain Confidence with New Clients

One of the best ways to learn about getting and dealing with new clients is to follow the lead of someone who’s very successful at it..

So in this insightful webinar, I speak with the amazing Kate Ingham, an Amazon consultant and the founder of Ki Media.  She reveals “insider” information about how she got started as an Amazon consultant, how she markets her business, how she got her first clients, how she sets her fees, and much more.

Again, it’s impossible to get “too much” insight on the best way to work with new clients!


Quick-Start Tips to Get Your Amazon Marketing Profits Flowing

The great thing about Amazon is that you can learn it fast — and the money can start almost right away. But it all begins with that first client.

Here, I not only show you yet another “no selling” way to get your foot in the door at companies you want to work for — but also 5 new ways to get a quick start with your Amazon business… and make more money with every engagement.


Small Business Amazon Success Stories

The easiest way to be successful in anything is to replicate the techniques and strategies of successful people who have gone before you. Webinar #4 is all about success — with case studies on everything from initiating successful Amazon campaigns to building incredible relationships with clients.


The Mobile Web and Amazon

Mobile is a HUGE part of Amazon. Over 50 percent of web searches globally now come from mobile devices — and that number is only going to grow.

But Amazon users have a different “relationship” with their mobile devices than they do with computers, and some of that translates to your campaigns and how you put them together.

In Webinar 5, you’ll see 5 ways you can help clients (and yourself) use mobile to enhance their business… 4 tools for building mobile websites… and more.


Going Local: The Hidden Gold Mine in Your Backyard

You don’t have to land the “big dogs” to have a fun and lucrative Amazon consulting business. In fact, some of the businesses that need your skills the most are smaller companies in your own hometown.

Here, we’ll look at the impact of Amazon on local and retail businesses… then I’ll share 5 powerful questions you can ask to get the Amazon conversation started with small business owners… plus 8 strategies proven to work gangbusters for small, local businesses.

As you can see, my “Bonus Webinars” are almost like getting a second programme — with insights that drive home the most important aspects of successful Amazon execution, along with new ones that open your eyes to even more opportunity — included for free.

Each webinar includes a streaming audio file, plus PDFs of every slide — so once again, you have everything you need to “reinforce” these powerful lessons offline.

If I offered these webinars anywhere else (which we don’t — it’s only for How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant members) I could easily command a minimum of $99 for each webinar — or over $600 for all of them.

That alone is almost the same price of the full How To Make Money As An Amazon Consultant programme.

But that’s not all.

On top of everything else…

All the new content…

The streamlined structure…

The added bonuses…

Your 100%, Iron-Clad Guarantee of Satisfaction

It’s ridiculously simple:

Take 8 full weeks with the programme — which is the amount of time I believe you can become a full-fledged Amazon consultant with my guidance…

Then, if at any time during that 8-week period you decide Amazon Consulting isn't your cup of tea… simply let me know…

I’ll refund every penny of the $797 you paid promptly, with no questions asked.

Now, the time for talk is over.

It’s time for you to take action

You know Amazon is a major force in marketing for any business in Australia  today — and it’s only getting bigger.

Soon, companies without Amazon strategies will be like companies that put off building websites years ago — “outliers” constantly playing catch-up in a fast-moving market.

You know 9 out of 10 businesses in Australia are desperate for  your help.

You know the power of Amazon — the amazing new stream of revenue it can give you and how quickly it can grow your consulting business.

You have my best, most comprehensive programme on Amazon consulting ever… freshly updated and completely restructured to make learning even easier and faster.

I’ve told you about the amazing new bonuses — including 6 incredibly insightful webinars that are alone worth more than the full price of the programme.

And you have a full 8-week, no-risk guarantee.

Besides getting in my car and driving to your house… I’m not sure what more I can do to convince you to get your hands on this life-changing programme!

It will take you to the order page where you’ll have a chance to review everything one more time.

The important thing is to act now.

Amazon is too big and too relevant for any business to ignore. It’s only getting bigger… and the impact it can have on your career and income if you’ll join me in an exciting new side hustle as an Amazon Consultant can’t be overstated.

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Neil Asher
Founder Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

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