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Dear Aussie Online Entrepreneur,  

You and I may not know each other personally yet.  

But if you have an Amazon business, here’s what I do know about you….  

You have many stress-inducing challenges to overcome on your journey to creating a profitable Amazon business.  

If you don’t figure this stuff out, well, you’re basically screwed.  

For one thing, selling is getting much harder on Amazon due to brutal competition.  

Amazon is also becoming endlessly complex with new rules and changes that can adversely affect your business if you don’t learn how to adapt.  

But the challenges don’t stop there.  

If you’re like other Amazon business owners….  

You want the most high converting product description and terrific images, but you’re unsure how to go about it.  

You may have tried to set-up your Amazon Seller Account, but found it confusing and don’t know where to turn for help.  

You wonder how to get positive reviews on your profile when it’s estimated that only 1-in-30 buyers bother to leave feedback.  

The list goes on and on of endless frustrations that can make you feel like banging your head against the wall!  

Even more depressing…  

You can’t figure out how your competitors are top earners on Amazon, while you’re still struggling to make sales.  

And how they earned the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge, and their products are recommended to millions of consumers on voice search devices, like Alexa and Echo Dot.  

It’s not like they have a cooler product than you do (they may even suck).  

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?  

Ever wonder how those top earners learned to beat the Amazon system?  

The answer may surprise you…

Why the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Learned Everything They Know From a Coach

Do you know the one thing the wealthiest business owners have in common?  

They hate wasting precious time.  

They know that every second counts while trying to build a successful and prosperous business.  

So whenever they encountered a problem along their journey to unprecedented fame and fortune…  

They weren’t too proud to immediately reach out for help from a qualified expert.  

Everyone from Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates to Warren Buffett sought expert advice from a mentor early in their careers.  

That invaluable advice jumpstarted their success, and put them light years ahead of their competition.  

They didn’t worry that seeking outside counsel made them look like failures.  

In fact, choosing to work one-on-one with their coach was the smartest business decision they ever made!

But Wait… Not Just Any Coach!

For your greatest chance of earning bucket loads of lovely cashola on Amazon…  

You need a vastly experienced coach who made all the costly mistakes early on, and will show you exactly how to avoid each of them.  

You need a knowledgeable coach who has “been there, done that” and wants to pass along their “insider secrets” to earning 5 & 6 figures a month on Amazon.  

You need an empathetic coach who understands your ongoing frustrations… and has the expertise to help you overcome all your challenges.  

You need an innovative coach who knows how to expertly manoeuvre the Amazon maze with the most cutting-edge and proven marketing strategies for your product.  

You need a no-BS coach who really “walks the talk” with a proven track record of earning $1000's per month on Amazon.  

It’s understandable if you’re skeptical and wondering…

“Does Such a Perfect Amazon Coach Even Exist? It Sounds Way Too Good to Be True!”

Andrew Oliver

My coach worked with me to help me find a brilliant product on sell on Amazon!

Michael Permana

My product is live and selling on Amazon thanks to my coaching session!

Steve Speight

There is not a hope in hell I could have done this without my coach, I'm very happy with the result.

Ian Knabel

This is exactly what I needed to get started, now I know exactly what to sell (and what NOT to sell) I can get this baby going!

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  

My mission was to create the finest team of coaches comprised of the top Amazon earners from the AOE community.  

I wanted to make it easy and affordable for you to have a mentor who will accelerate your Amazon success.  

And nobody is more qualified than I am to lead and train this awesome team of top notch coaches.  

For one thing, I really know my stuff.  

Not only am I considered one of the top affiliates in the world due to my incredible online sales success….  

I’ve also built 7 multi-million dollar business completely from scratch.  

I’ve sold $48 million of businesses through a business brokerage.  

My Amazon business is on track to hit $5 Million is sales this year  

Every single strategy you’ll learn in your coaching sessions are those that I’ve personally developed and used to build my prosperous Amazon business.  

So, not only did my discoveries meet my every expectation for earning big bucks…. they wildly exceeded them.  

Today, our coaching team has helped countless business owners become get started, get clarity and make cashola on Amazon by following these same “insider secrets.”  

Now, I’m actually a modest bloke who doesn’t feel comfortable tooting my own horn.  

And I’m not sharing my amazing financial success over the years to boast.  

But it’s important to me that you see all my big claims are backed-up by solid proof!  

Are you ready to stop struggling on your own and finally learn how to beat the Amazon system?

(even if you’ve never sold anything on Amazon before in your life!) 

Sue Josephson review of Aussie Online enetrepreneurs

Look, earning a 6-figure income and more on Amazon is NOT Rocket Science!  

Especially since Amazon has become the most profitable platform in the world. The indisputable facts speak for themselves… 450 million people prefer Amazon over other online destinations.  

And monthly visitors to Amazon Australia is a staggering 32 million! In 2020, Amazon’s earnings were an incredible 357.8 billion dollars.  

This is such a brilliant opportunity for us!!  

That’s why the potential for you to earn bucket loads of cashola is literally through the roof.  

And if you’re not… well… truth be told, you’re probably doing something wrong.  

There’s absolutely no reason for you not to be in the top earners club too.  

But you’re currently like most struggling business owners, you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to navigate the confusing Amazon platform all by yourself. 

And trust me, trying to solve the mysteries of navigating the confusing Amazon platform on your own is a monumental pain in the ass and drain on your pocket.  

Even if you have the coolest product on the planet… even if you have loads of 5 star reviews…. even if you have the God damn cure for cancer!  

None of that matters a hill of beans if you don’t learn how to crack the elusive Amazon code. 

You’ll Learn the Same “Top Secret” Insider Strategies That We Use to Earn 10’s Of Thousands Per Month

Amazon FBA Australia training course

It doesn’t matter where you are in your Amazon business.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total newbie to selling online….  

Or you already have an Amazon business, but your sales and ranking are tanking.  

Whatever your current situation is… and no matter how dire or hopeless it may feel right now….  

We’ll guide you step-by-step into creating a prosperous and thriving Amazon business that leaves your competitors in the dust!  

But before you rush to sign on the dotted line… here’s what you need you to understand…

Warning: If You’re Looking For “Cookie Cutter” Amazon Coaching This Isn’t For You!

Look, we don’t do “one size fits all” coaching.  

So, if you’re looking for the same regurgitated webinars and sleep-inducing You Tube videos made by self-proclaimed marketing GooRoos that are a dime a dozen on the web… we won’t be a good fit.  

The online world is full of scam artists who are looking to make a quick buck off people searching for ways to sell things online.  

And 99% of GooRoo Fads and “Ninja Marketing Systems” are total BS  

Their so-called marketing “advice” never results in real growth or creates traffic that converts buyers. In fact, their misdirection leads many Amazon entrepreneurs’ businesses to fail before they even get off the ground.  

The truth is… no two business owners are alike or share the same challenges… so our approach is different with each client.  

Each one-on-one coaching session is customised for your specific needs.  

Our coaching dives deep into your unique business and specific challenges.  

We go over every detail of your business with a fine-toothed comb… and learn what’s working, what’s not working, and where you’ve hit a roadblock.  

The best part? My coaches have the unparalleled expertise to solve each and every one of them…. and also ensure you avoid the most common rookie mistakes that screw-up sales.  

You’ll be expertly guided every step of the way until your Amazon business is running like a well-oiled 24/7 money making machine.  

And that’s why…

Amazon Australia start up

Going it Alone Without a Coach is Kinda Nuts!

Are you keeping up with Amazon’s constant changes?  

Or, like many Amazon business owners, are you keeping your head buried in the sand?  

If so, you’re up shit creek, and here’s why….  

Amazon is evolving at a head-spinning rate of speed.  

That’s why the old ways of selling products just don’t cut it anymore.  

Not that long ago, it used to be a simple process to sell on Amazon.  

You’d just slap up a listing with some cool images. One or more pages would be presented to a searcher where 50 or more results would be shown, including your own product. And then you’d snag the business and profits.  


But today, it’s sink or swim time.  

If you don’t adapt to Amazon’s rapidly evolving platform, your business won’t survive. Period.  

I’m constantly hearing from business owners who went from earning 7-figures to barely being able to support their family.  

Recent “innovations” like the Amazon’s Choice badge and deceptively cute-looking voice search devices are biased, and they’re destroying businesses left and right.  

Without knowing the “secrets” to getting the coveted Amazon’s Choice badge and recommended to millions on voice search devices… and how to work to your benefit a multitude of other recent upgrades to the platform….  

Your competitors will gain this “insider” knowledge before you by working with knowledgeable coaches, and you’ll be left out in the cold.  

The tragic result? Your sales and ranking will sink faster than the Titanic, and you’ll be at high risk of losing your entire business.  

But here’s the great news…

We Literally Spent Thousands of Hours Cracking the Elusive Amazon Code!

I've invested $70,000 and 6 years of my time figuring out the secrets to Amazon success and prosperity.  

And then I passed this coveted information along to my top notch team of Amazon coaches.  

And now we can’t wait to share what we discovered with you!  

Using this “secret” Amazon knowledge….  

We helped one struggling Amazon business owner go from $0 to $29,000 in just 12 short weeks.  

Another client earned a whopping 10k per month in just 7 weeks.  

Here’s what a few of your fellow Aussie Online Entrepreneurs have to say after working with us…

Amazon australia

Amazon FBA Australia Coach

Here's A Small Sample Of What Our Coaching Can Help You With

✓ Seller Central Set Up

✓ Best Way To SEO Your Product

✓ Not Making Sales? We can show you what to do

✓ Maybe You're Confused With Your Shipping Plan

✓ You're Ready To Sell Overseas

✓ If You're Confused Where To Start

✓ You've Been Procrastinating & Now You're Ready To Go For It

✓ If You Want An Honest Assesment Of Your Product

✓ Perhaps You're Struggling To Find A Supplier

Then This Is For YOU

No matter what you need help with I'm convinced we can help you

Listen it doesn't matter where you are in your Amazon journey we can help you get to the next step much much faster.

So right now...

You Have Two Choices Right Now...

You can waste time trying to figure this shit out on your own or you can get it fast tracked and get some help so you can keep your momentum up.

It's your choice.

If you're ready to get on the fast track then I have three options for you for coaching and one on one help:

1. Jump Start Coaching

Get 1 coaching session with one of our Amazon experts, you can use the session for anything at all, your investment is $197

YES! I Want One Coaching Session 

2. Sack Your Boss

Get 3 coaching session with one of our Amazon experts, you can use the sessions for anything at all, your investment is $597

3. Amazon Fast Track

If you're ready to go for it then get two coaching session per month PLUS support in between for just $397 per month (you can cancel at any time) and of course you can use your sessions for anything at all.

Before I sign off I want to say one more thing, I have a coach.

I've had coaches for different things for ages and it's made a significant difference to my life, I KNOW coaching works and that's why I'm keen for you to get some help too.

That's also why I've made this so affordable for you, we both know that we're a third of the price of those high priced coaching programs...


Don't confuse good value for poor quality.

You know how I role, I'd rather you used your money for your business and so I've made this bloody great value for you so that you can get what you need and continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

So get yourself signed up now whilst it's fresh in your mind, you've put this off long enough.

1x Coaching Session - $199 ===> Click Here

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Neil Asher

P.S Got Questions? Here's The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Choose My Coach?

Yes of course :)

2. Do I have To Use The Session(s) Now?

No use them when you're ready

3. What Time Of Day Can I Have My Session?

Anytime you want, we have a coach no matter what time of day (or day of the week) you want your session

4. What if I have to go away for a while?

No worries you can use your coaching session(s) when you get back

5. Do you offer refunds

Fraid not, this is someones time you're taking up, therefor there are no refunds for coaching, BUT if you're not happy let me know and I'll personally sort something out for you so you are :)

6. Still Got Questions?

Listen if you've still got questions I would say just go for it. Trying to get all the answers before you get started is a mugs game, it will hold you back, we both know that. So just go for it, the coaches are brilliant PLUS I'm here to help too, you can do this!!!

Here's those packages for you to choose from again

1x Coaching Session - $199 ===> Click Here

3 x Coaching Session - $597 ===> Click Here  

2 x Coaching Sessions Per Month (cancel anytime) - $397/month ===> Click Here