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Create Profitable Product Ideas With Zero Competition In Minutes!

 Discover How to Create Super Profitable Bundles on Amazon, Skyrocket Your Sales, And Leave Your Competition in the Dust! 

If you've ever wanted to be at the forefront of an exciting new cashola creating strategy so you can take advantage of it before the general population, you'll love this..

From The Desk Of Neil Asher

Founder Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Dear AOE member,

Got the Amazon sales blues?

Want to sell more unique products and increase your sales margins?

Sick and tired of competing with other sellers on your product page?

Looking for a simple way to carve out a profitable niche for yourself?

If you’re still selling on Amazon the old fashioned way… which is one lonely item at a time…

It’s not surprising that you’re finding it increasingly difficult to make sales and profits, and here’s why….

Selling One Product At a Time On Amazon Has Seen its Heyday.

Today, competition on Amazon is at an all-time high with more e-commerce business owners competing for the exact same customers.

When software like Jungle Scout Or Merchant Words tells you AND thousands of others that a particular product will be a best-seller, guess what happens?

Maybe it originally had one or two sellers, but all of a sudden it has skyrocketed to 50+ sellers, all competing with each other for the buy box.

Now having this lucrative product to yourself is nothing but a pipe dream.

What happens is the high competition and increasing number of offers cause many sellers to panic.

So they drop their price to try and win the Buy Box.

Consequently, nobody makes any money!

And you have to admit… that sucks big-time.

Especially when it keeps happening to you with greater frequency.  

When you think about it… this was bound to happen sooner or later.

As Amazon continues to become over-saturated with sellers who are offering the same products, it’s inevitable that prices will continue to decrease.

That’s why you can have the most awesome Amazon product page and images, but you’re ultimately competing with too many other sellers to score high profits.
Ultimately, your sales and ranking will plummet, and you’ll be at high risk for losing your entire business.

But here’s the great news for your business…

Finally, there IS a way to stay 3 steps ahead of the competition, increase your margins, sell more products, and create your own unique product that is already in high demand from consumers.

Think that sounds too good to be true? Think again!

Bundling is the PROVEN and FAST Way to Make Big Bucks on Amazon
(and Crush Your Competition While Doing it!)

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the exciting news…….

Amazon bundling is the smartest and fastest path to becoming a prosperous Amazon business owner.

What the heck is “bundling”?

Simply put, a bundle is a combination of 2 or more complementary items that have been combined to form a more profitable new product.

It basically means offering a diversity of related products as a single package, which offers incredible convenience and value to consumers.  

Bundles are typically offered at a slightly discounted price so they save money for the customer who would pay much more to purchase the items individually.

They also save customers the time-consuming hassle of searching for those individual items.

That’s why bundles benefit both YOU and the buyer, so it’s a real win-win for everyone!

By simply combining the right related products together to enhance the shopper’s experience, you create new, unique listings on Amazon.
And you obtain total control over your listing, and with that control comes sky high profits.

Even more awesome….

You’re able to destroy your competition by selling extremely competitive products that are yours alone.  Forever!!!!  

The more innovative and unique your bundle is, the more it will stand out as it can’t be found anywhere else on the Amazon platform.

That’s how you can rack up amazing sales in a short amount of time.

Oh, and this is why your success is virtually guaranteed….

You’re able to leverage pre-existing searches to create highly profitable bundles, which means you’re including products that are proven to already be in high demand!

Amazon Bundles Solves the Problem of High Competition on Individual Products

Embracing an Amazon bundling strategy is a brilliant way to deal with competitive niches or to increase the value of a product.

By selling bundles instead of individual items, you'll get your own ASIN which means you'll finally escape the competition for the Buy Box.

Bundles are a great way to package up several lower-priced items and actually turn a profit.

The FBA fee is only deducted from one item (your bundle) instead of each individual item, so you’re able to score higher margins.

And for any other seller to sell on your listing, they would have to have all of the same items and packaging as you.

So that leaves you all alone in the buy box, and you get to keep 100% of all sales.

Once you learn how to create your own innovative bundles on Amazon, you’ll be able to eliminate the competition, set your own price, and offer customers a product they absolutely need and love!

Here's Why Bundling is Your Ticket to Amazon Prosperity

  • An End to Price Wars
    If you’re like most Amazon sellers, you’ve experienced the frustration of finding an awesome product with a great ROI, but later experienced the price falling like a stone as other Amazon sellers price drop and undermine your profits. Bundling gives you total control of your price.
  • Zero Risk of Hijackers.
    Once you create unique bundles on Amazon, they’re extremely difficult for hijackers to copy. You’ll be able to sell your own products without fear of Chinese copycats.
  • Bundles Provide Scalability
    As your business grows, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to scale. You will need to take longer sourcing trips, visit more stores and constantly increase the number of products you buy. You can quickly lose the freedom and flexibility you’re looking for by continually increasing the time it takes to find more quality products. When working with bundles, you don’t need to be out in the field in order to scale your sales volume.
  • You Own the Buy Box
    If you’re out sourcing at the same stores as everybody else, you’ll inevitably run up against some buy box competition. And while sharing the buy box guarantees you a portion of the sales, it's a losing situation when the price starts to drop.  When you make unique bundles, you essentially guarantee your spot in the buy box. When done correctly, you’ll be the only seller on your listing.
  • Bundles Create Higher Profit Margins
    When you sell low priced items through Amazon FBA, some of their fees are fixed and come out of your selling price. Bundles are a fantastic way to combine several lower-priced items and actually turn a big profit. The FBA fee is only deducted from one item (your bundle), rather than individual items, you’re able to earn higher margins.
  • Your Customers Will LOVE You
    Bundles provide more than just giving customers a hefty discount.  By providing innovative bundles, you can actually make a customer’s life easier. 
    Bundles make the purchasing process even faster and more convenient for customers by providing all the items they need in one awesome product. Your bundle eliminates the need for them to spend extra time hunting down the items they wanted separately. You save them time and money, while providing value and convenience.

AOE Members Just Like You Are Making Money With Bundles! 

But here’s what you urgently need to understand….

Not All Amazon Bundles Are Created Equal!

Look, bundling isn’t rocket science.

But you can’t just slap a few crappy products together and call them a “bundle.”

You need to know…..

How to create highly desirable bundles that Amazon buyers are DYING to buy!

What makes the typical Amazon customer think “I have to buy this bundle.”

The best way to create an Amazon product page for your bundles so that buyers easily find it in the Amazon search results

How to price your bundle correctly – if you mess this up, you won’t make sales. Period.

How to pick the most exciting products to bundle – you’ll only be limited by a lack of imagination!  

What Amazon’s strict bundling guidelines are – screw this up, and they’ll remove your listing.

How to ensure you create bundles that make sense – a pet bowl and a yoga mat do NOT make sense!

And much more!

Creating in-demand bundles on Amazon requires some thought and planning, but you’ll find the financial results are well worth it.

But you have to know EXACTLY what to do to create the most in-demand and profitable bundles.

Happily, I’ve made it easy for you to learn the right way to bundle products to super charge your sales and profits.

In My Brand New Breakthrough Course, I’ll Share My “Insider” Secrets For Creating BIG Money-Making Bundles

Raymond Seeto - NSW

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since August 2018
"My brain is about to explode! So much valuable info , gold nuggets and take-aways. Neil, thank you for going the extra mile for us, you always impress me with your awesomeness & love for your students"

Lilian Gowers - NSW

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since Januray 2019
"I am taking action with this already! The value is out of this world. Even though I’ve been on the sidelines and not had the skills to move on private label yet, I’m so excited to jump in with bundling."

Lauren Hawksworth - QLD

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since August 2018
"Could hardly sleep after watching this, my brain was racing with new ideas. Thanks so much "

If You Learn How To Do This The Sky is The Limit!

I’ve personally taught hundreds of your fellow Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to create profitable unique bundles that helped them thrive and prosper on Amazon.

My strategies were leading so many of them to “crack the code” and earn muchos cashola on Amazon in just months….

So I decided to put all my proven and time-tested strategies in a step-by-step video course so everybody can start earning big bucks on Amazon.

In 10 engaging modules, I’ll personally teach you the best techniques, tips and strategies for creating in-demand and profitable Amazon bundles.

To make following my strategies super easy, I broke them down into easy step-by-step systems.

So even if you’re new to selling on Amazon, you’ll learn how to create unique bundles the right way that fulfill a need for shoppers, and they’re eager to buy.

If you follow my time-tested strategies, you’ll be rewarded with no-competition listings that make steady sales all year long.
You’ll gain the confidence and skills you need for creating one-of-a-kind bundles that can’t be copied by your competition.
Think about it… that’s mind-blowing alone.
By the end of my groundbreaking Amazon course…
You’ll have all the tools you need to create, market and sell the most profitable and unique bundles on Amazon.
I’m excited to share with you some of the exclusive info in the course…

Here’s a “Sneak Peek” of the Bundle-Building Strategies I’ll Personally Be Teaching You…

  • Module 1:  What is a Bundle?

    Here's we'll do a deep dive into the lucrative world of bundling on Amazon, I'll show you what a bundle actually is and more importantly what it isn't. This trips most rookie bundlers up and gets them immeditaley in trouble with Amazon when they don't know.

  • Module 2:  Bundle Marketing Strategies 

    Wouldn't it be good if someone showed you 11 tried and tested marketing strategies, each one perfect for a particular situation and bundle so no matter what you did you'd know exactly how to make sales on Amazon... Welcome To Module 2!

  • Module 3:  How To Find HEAPS Of Customers

    Marketing 101 is to find a group of people who want to buy your product and then put an advert for your product in front of them... simple.

    For us, Amazon takes care of part 2 (getting our product in front of those customers) and in Module 3 I'll show you part1, how to find hot markets of rabid buyers ready to buy your bundle.

  • Module 4:  Making Sure Your Bundle Will Sell

    I remember it so well, my first bundle on Amazon, I was excited, it was in a niche I love (cars) and I thought it was a winner for sure... WRONG!

    It tanked, and I'm glad it did, because following that embarressing start I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring this shit out properly.

    Now it's a simple step by step system that you can copy and paste to ensure your bundle wll sell too.

  • Module 5:  Where To Source Your Bundles

    Do not... I repeat DO NOT source your bundle items from China, at least not to begin with. It ends up costing too much money to ship the bundle parts from China to Oz.

    Instead follow my simple to replicate system for sourcing properly in Oz or the USA (if you choose to sell there).

    You'll save thousands this way alone!

  • Module 6:  How To Do This On A Budget

    One of the reasons I first got into bundling was because of how cheap it is to do. Because you'll learn how to create something very unique that no one else is selling you'll be able to save a fortune on expensive product photography.

    Indeed often times I do my own photography with my smart phone!

    I'll show you how to get the same results as me so you can set these listings up for next to nothing.

  • Module 7:  How To Package Your Bundle

    Did you know, right now on Youtube, one of the hottest video niches is something called "unboxing" literally, opening products with great packaging and videoing it.

    Unboxing vids on Youtube get MILLIONS of views! So it's no surprise to learn that your packaging plays a huge role in your bundling strategy.

    I'll show you how to make your products look as good as Apple's for a fraction of the price.

  • Module 8:  How To Name Your Bundle

    Shoppers are obsessed with product and brand names. Our research shows that a well thought out bundle name means you sell more and you can charge more for it.

    So in module 8 I'll show you my foolproof naming strategy to give your bundles the names they deserve.

  • Module 9:  UPC Codes + Staying Out Of Trouble

    Right now Amazon suggests using GS1 barcodes, which is great... IF you're Amazon!

    See Amazon owns GS1 and so the extortionate rates they charge for bar codes lines Amazon's pockets, I think that sucks so in this module I'll show you what to do to do this on a budget.

  • Module 10:  How To Price Your Bundle Properly

    A lot of folks stress about pricing things properly, and in truth they're right to be worried. Get in wrong and you'll either make less money or worse you simply won't make any sales.

    So I give you my Amazon bundling price matrix in Moduole 10 so you'll know exactly how to price to maximize sales and your profits.

If You Get Started Today, You’ll Also Receive These Awesome Bonuses to Accelerate Your Bundling Success…..

150+ Done-For-You Bundle Ideas (to copy and steal)

In this amazing bonus, I’ve done all the hard work for you! All you need to do is choose a bundle and start building. Each bundle includes type, category, checklist and the exact items to include. Or, use these for inspiration to jump start your own bundle-making creativity!

You’ll get….

25 Christmas Bundles

31 Back-to-School Bundles

Neil’s Make Money NOW Product Bundles Part 1

Neil’s Make Money NOW Product Bundles Part 2

Spooky 25 Halloween Bundle Ideas

50 Great Bundling Ideas For You

So you'll know EXACTLY what to see to get started with bundling!

This Is EASY To Do Once You Know How!
You can create bundles out of anything!


Still on the Fence?
Here’s What Your Fellow Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Have to Say…

Melissa Troopie Tan - WA

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since July 2018
"Mind blowing awesome! Thank you. So many great ideas and the brain is just pumping out ideas as I type!"

Mark Robson - NSW

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since June 2016
"WOW! I’ve always been a fan of bundling and assumed it was simple…well it’s not - if you want to do it successfully. Until now that is! And what about the pages and pages of resources and ideas that you provided at the end!"

Bronwyn Reid - NSW

Aussie Online Entrepreneur Since May 2019
"Thanks Neil Asher! Jam packed with brilliant bundling tips/ links/ resources. Gold gems to get our brain bouncing with new ideas for complimentary products to bundle. Love how we can beat the competition with bundles that Amazon considers “new” products. Happy bundling everyone! Hope you make lots of cashola!"

So come on Neil...what’s the price?

Let me say right up front that this isn't one of those cheap deals at $47.

I'm definitely not a cheap date. Nor do I need to be.

As you've seen for yourself, I am one of the few people online who is prepared to teach what I know…someone who is actually doing this in a real business, and not talking from history. And I'm not one of those people whose sole income comes from teaching seminars and from DVD sets!

As I tried to stress… I'm very different from the norm.

So my training and mentoring is priced accordingly.

On the one hand, I don't want to price as a ‘cheap date’ at some ridiculous price like $47, for information has taken me ages to acquire and perfect, and which an ‘average Joe’ can pickup, use and profit from without fuss.

As you’ve seen for yourself, this is information that gives you access to the fastest growing opportunity online right now.

It's worth a hell of a lot more than some of the garbage you see online, I'm sure you'll agree.

On the other hand... I'm not looking to charge ridiculous money. Why?

Simply because I don't need to!

I don't need to pay my mortgage this month based on the sale of this training program.

It’s as simple as that.

So, I've come up with a halfway house... something which I think is fair (given the huge potential my bundling system offers, and the money you can make with it if you put into action)... Something which I think is the appropriate price given the returns and the money you can make by using my system from home.

So initially I considered $495

But I know that price will put this out of reach of a fair few people - although to be brutally honest, even this price is actually less than one day’s worth of my sales. In fact, $495 is often the sales I’ve bagged up from a decent morning...while I'm sat at my fav cafe!

But I've cut that price right down... so although I believe $495 is a fair price, your price today is just $277

And to sweeten the pot...

If you order today, I'll scratch another hundred dollars from that price.

So you can order for just $177 today. And of course we're in Oz so that's Aussie dollars not US dollars and it also includes GST too :)

Try Out Bundling In Your Own Business Risk Free!

“But hold on a moment, Neil”...I hear you asking...

“What if I find this isn’t for me in some way? Can I get my money back?”

To be frank, I thought whether I even needed to bother offering a guarantee.

I know the quality of this information, so didn’t really feel the need.

But I know some people will want the extra protection and because I’m very confident in what I’m offering you today.


That’s right. Some people think I’m stupid for doing this, but I’m confident that you’ll love what I’ll share with you. So, you get a full 60 days to check this out....without risking a cent.

Not a puny 30 days like most people give you – but a full 60 days...basically TWO MONTHS to try out my system in your own home!

In the unlikely event that you don’t think this is for you...no dramas. I’ve made sure you’re fully protected. For a full sixty days, in fact...I want you to put my entire system to the profit test.

If you’re not happy for ANY reason at all...just let me know at any time within 60 days. I will ensure you get all your money back with zero questions or hassle.


You’ve have nothing to lose by checking this out. But you DO have an awful lot to gain, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Think about this: 60 days from now, you can be in exactly the same position as you are now.


You can be well on your way with my system, making money, and on your way to living YOUR dream life, like I do.

Which is it going to be?

Perhaps you’ve seen others profiting online and thought to yourself – “Why them, and not me?”

Because they had a roadmap. A roadmap that I’m willing to hand YOU.

Forget ‘figuring’ this out on your own. I mean, why bother? Just pick up what I’ve developed and honed...and apply it directly in your own life, and start seeing how much of a cash machine this can be for you too.

You Had Me At "Simple Way To Create New Profitable Products Neil!"

Start Your Amazon Bundling Adventure!

Remember You'll Get My Exact Bundling BluePrint To Start Making Muchos Cashola With Bundling Too!!

Bundles with wholesale products and achieve results FAST!

Create awesome bundles on any budget

You can create the bundle at home or get FBA Prep Australia to do it for you

It’s perfect to run alongside your PL business

You can adjust and fine-tune your bundle as you get reviews too

Easy and cheap to test all your ideas at no risk

Unique bundles let you own the Buy Box

Clear out slower moving inventory

No risk of hijackers

Create several unique bundles and sell many units each day!

Sell in all Amazon categories

Flexibility to sell from anywhere on the planet

And much more!!

Don't delay


Start Your New Profitable Amazon Bundling Adventure Now!

Join Me In The Easy Fun Way To Win On Amazon