How I Taught 153 Of The Smartest Amazon Entrepreneurs To Find An Endless Flood Of Hot Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon!!

(and how you too, can learn these 9 top secret ways to grow your business with proven money-making products)

Dear Aussie Entrepreneur,  

Let me ask you a question...  

“Can I come over to your place for a drink?”  

Now, depending on what you think of me you might say, “Hell no!”  


“Sure, we’d love to have you and your wife, Natasha, over for a drink!”  

Hopefully, the later not the former :D  


My home in Oz is in Manly, which is in the NSW. I live in a lovely suburb called Little Manly.  

So, now we have to figure out how I can get from my place in Manly to your place, right?  

Depending on where you live, I have a few options.  

I could walk, I could cycle, I could take my motorbike or my car, I could fly, and if you live on the coast too, I could take a boat.  

Lots of options and each one will get me to your place.  

But I also have interesting route options.  

I could take a route that is more scenic that allows me to see more of this beautiful country.  

Or, I could take a back road that allows me to drive fast and have some fun in my Porsche… or a shorter route on a motorway to save money on petrol etc. etc.  

All would ultimately get me to your place for a beer and a barbie :)  

And you know, it’s the same exact thing on Amazon.  

There are lots of ways to reach your destination, some will suit you more than others, depending on you and your situation, such as...How much money you have, how much time you have and what your own personal goals are for your Amazon business.  

Your goal may be part time income of say $5K a month, full time income of $10K a month or set you and your family free income of $50K a month  

That makes sense, right?  

Well, it turns out the number one thing that most folks want to get directions to is...  

Finding Hot Profitable Products To Sell On Amazon

And let’s face it, selling the right products is the most important part of your Amazon business.  

Get it wrong and you’ll waste a ton of money on not just the wrong products, but samples from suppliers, shipping charges and your initial order costs. It all add up! 

Add to that the time you’ll invest in doing this, usually it’s a 6 - 8 week process to go from product idea to getting it live in your Amazon store. 

Get it wrong and you’ll be left in the dust as your competitors speed ahead of you.  

And they’ll start earning 6-figure incomes on Amazon, while you struggle to survive.

As you can see, making the wrong decision about your first product has some disastrous real consequences.

But for me, whilst those are important concerns, they’re not the worst thing.  

I have seen first hand what happens when people get it wrong, often times you’ll get demotivated and give up…  

That’s the biggest wealth killer, trust me I know.  

Having Your First Product Be A BIG Financial Success Will Give You A Massive Confidence Boost!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting it right!  

You enjoy profits that you can reinvest in your business to continue to grow it, or some initial windfall cash you can treat yourself with.  

Either way it will set you up for a lifetime of business success and prosperity!  

That’s what I want you for you.  

That money making, confidence creating feeling you’ll have when you find the perfect product to sell on Amazon, knowing it will earn you massive amounts of cashola.  

Nothing beats it!  

So I got to thinking, right now I have taught you one way to find profitable products to sell on Amazon in my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs system.  


Just like working out the best route to take to come over to your house for a beer and a chat, I have HEAPS of other strategies that I personally use to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.  

And I’m wondering if you’d like me to show them to you?  

If you stick around, I’ll walk you through them and show you how and when to use them, and exactly who should be using which strategies.

First, let me explain how these proven money making strategies came about.

You may know that I have an advanced group with the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs called “The Amazon Inner Circle.” Currently there are 153 members and every month I teach the members advanced strategies for creating muchos cashola on Amazon.  

They pay $177 a month to be in the group and the folks in it love it! I get awesome positive feedback every month from the members, and it’s also great fun for me too, as I get to show people what you can really do on Amazon when you know how.  

Anyway, recently I surveyed all my members to learn what they would love me to teach them, I gave them three choices:  

1. Advanced Amazon Influencer Insights 2. Youtube Traffic Secrets For Amazon, and 3. New Ways To Find Profitable Products On Amazon  

I expected No 1 or 2 to be the most popular, because I assumed that folks in my advanced group would have their product researching strategies sorted.  

Boy, was I ever WRONG!  

95% of people in my inner circle asked for help to find profitable products on Amazon.  

So, I went back to the drawing board and asked myself... 

If I Were Starting Today On Amazon & I Wanted To Get To $50K A Month As Quickly As Possible, How Would I Find The Right Products To Sell?

Next, I looked at my own successful Amazon products and began the process of breaking down the strategies that I used to pick them.  

In the end, I had a list of 9 Brand New Ways to find hot profitable products to sell on Amazon.  

Here they are:  

Cashola In Plain Sight Fat Is Fabulous A Kick In The Pants Auto-Pilot Product Idea Riches Steal & Deploy 섹시한 - 性感的 - セクシー - Seksi Attack Of The Zucks Watch & (l)earn The Next Level Idea  

Whilst those names may not mean much to you yet, here’s what happened when I taught all nine of them to the members of my Amazon Inner Circle: 

As you can see, If you’re looking to find amazingly profitable products to sell on Amazon to make big money fast, you need these!  

Now for the bad news...  

I taught those 9 brand new money making strategies to my inner circle, and even if you joined inner circle today you could not get access to them :(  

Unlike AOE where I make past Q&A’s available to everyone, in my inner circle I don’t. So unless you were in my inner circle group when I initially showed them, then normally you’d never get to see them :(  

However, here’s the great news for you…  

Due to some hush hush inside Amazon information I have received from my contact at Amazon, I felt compelled to make this available to you, too.  

Here’s why and what you urgently need to understand…. 

Chinese Sellers Are Plotting To Dominate Amazon

If you’ve shopped on Amazon lately, you’ve probably noticed that the platform has become a cesspool of non-name brand goods. And most of these products are sold by private label sellers in China selling direct on Amazon.  

The Chinese have been the fastest growing sellers and they’re planning to utterly dominate the platform. In fact, they’ve already started.  

Here are a few statistics to describe the Cinese invasion this past year…  

Over 250,000 Chinese Sellers Joined Amazon Last Year 

25% of Amazon’s 2 Million Sellers Are Based In China 

They Have Years Of Exporting Experience 

They Have A Pricing Advantage Over Other Sellers  

Why is this happening?  

For many years, the traditional supply chain used to look like this… 

1. A manufacturer in China sells raw goods to a distributor. 

2. A distributor acts as a single point of contact for the manufacturer and sells products to wholesalers. 

3. A wholesaler buys these products in bulk and sells them to individual retail shops. 

4. A retail shop sells these goods to the end consumer. 

Every step of this supply chain results in a markup of 50-100%.  

But thanks to Amazon, the supply chain now looks like this…

In this new version of the supply chain, the Chinese manufacturer completely bypasses the middlemen along the way, and sells directly to the end consumer at rock bottom prices that are hard to match.  

And that presents you with a HUGE challenge…  

Unless You Can Outsmart, Outmarket and Outsell Your New Chinese Competitor… You’re Screwed!

Even though I wouldn’t ordinarily make this information available to anyone, I was determined to give you back the advantage on Amazon.  

Let me show you what I’ve come up with to put those Chinese f&%kers out of action:  

Module 1 - Cashola In Plain Sight  

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, we all love finding free money...from finding that your parking meter still has an hour left on it to discovering a $20 note in your pocket, we all love free money.  

And that’s why I know you’ll love this first strategy, and the premise is simple:  

Right now there are loads of amazing products just waiting for you to start selling them, but unless you know where to look you’ll miss them.  

So in this exciting strategy, I show you how to find the best products and then turn them into your own cashola machine.  

Module 2 - Fat Is Fabulous  

Queen sang ♪ “Fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round” ♪ but I assure you this money making strategy has nothing to do with lusciously proportioned ladies.  

Here I dig deep into a simple and overlooked Amazon fact that’s openly discussed behind closed doors, but seldom mentioned anywhere else.  

Understanding this one fact led me to my fat is fabulous strategy, and it’s been a winner for uncovering hidden gems that sell like gangbusters on Amazon.  

Module 3 - A Kick In The Pants  

As painful as a kick in the pants sounds, rest assured strategy number 3 is as lovely as a kiss from a money making angel!  

Did you know there are places online where you can discover the very latest products to sell on Amazon and just by following my system, you’ll know, with certainty, that they’ll sell and make you buckets of money?  

Well, there is!  

And in module 3, you’ll learn exactly where they are and how to use them.  

Module 4 - Auto-Pilot Product Idea Riches  

The latest thing for your car is self-driving tech. It allows you to cruise along the motorway or even to call your car from its parking spot, and like a well trained dog, it will come to pick you up. Great if it’s raining!  

Technology moves fast, don’t you think?  

It’s the same on Amazon, of course.Jeff Bezos is constantly updating Amazon and making it even better for our customers. Every now and again those updates create opportunities for you and I to make boatloads of money.  

And this module shows you the very latest one, and how you can use it to discover Amazon products that are ripe for the picking!  

Module 5 - Steal & Deploy  

Back when I was 9 years old ( A LOOONG time ago!), I made the mistake of stealing a chocolate bar from a shop :( My dad found out (I’m a crap liar) and marched me back to the shop to confess to the shopkeeper.  

It truly made an impact on my life, and I’ve never stolen anything again. A hard lesson learned well, thanks to my dad.  

Stealing is wrong, however, wouldn’t it be great if someone did all the hard work for you and found 1000’s of NEW products to sell on Amazon, and then you were able to work with them to exclusively sell them?  

Well, in module 5 I’ll show you exactly how to do that.  

Module 6 - 섹시한 - 性感的 - セクシー - Seksi  

My, but that’s a confusing module name!  

What on earth does it even mean?  

If I told you, I’d be revealing something that’s personally made me very, very wealthy.  

It’s something I’ve used to build 5 businesses, each of which made over a million dollars.  

It’s also something I’ve been paid VERY handsomely to implement and apply to other peoples’ businesses as a consultant.  

It is, without a doubt, my “go to” money making strategy and if I had to start from scratch tomorrow it’s the very first thing I’d do.  

All is revealed in module 6...  

Module 7 - Attack Of The Zucks  

This may surprise you, but Facebook is a treasure trove of hot product ideas… if you know where to look.  

And no, it doesn’t require any tech skills. Indeed, none of these money making strategies require any tech skills whatsoever.  

Neither does this require any facebook advertising. In fact, this is 100% free, again all my strategies are.  

This secret strategy leverages Mark Zuckerburg’s desire for global domination and utilizes a little known patent that Facebook owns.  

For Mark, he’s trying to take over the world… for you, it means cashola in the bank.  

Module 8 - Watch & (L)earn  

I almost feel sorry for people that don’t sell on Amazon. Unlike Amazon, most other shopping platforms (ebay. Shopify etc etc) have huge holes in their systems. So if you know where to look, these holes will reveal to you the hottest selling items people are making bank with.  

Poor poor sellers, the door is left wide open for you and I to waltz in and gather up all the info we need to create our own Cashola creating products for Amazon.  

Module 9 - The Next Level Idea  

I don’t want to say too much about this strategy, I actually almost didn’t include it… why?  


It requires you to shift your paradigm about selling things online.  

For most people, the sum total of their thinking is regurgitating crap they heard

If you truly get this single strategy, your life will change forever.

And best of all, you’ll be able to learn all these techniques and strategies at a pace that’s comfortable for you.  

Whether you want to access this course at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., you’ll be able to because the entire course is available online, immediately.  

I think you’ll agree I’ve covered all the bases here and I won’t lie to you, I’ve kinda gone a bit OTT with the money making product researching strategies for you.  


Well, my neck is on the line here, I have staked my reputation on my ability to help hard working people like you build great Amazon businesses.  

I’ve had a ton of success doing this and I’m damned if I’m going to let the Chinses steal our thunder and make our money.  

So I want to give you everything you will need to make it work for you on Amazon, so I’ve done everything possible to make that happen for you!  

OK, let’s shift gears and talk about your investment  

I don’t know of anyone ‘real’ – running a real Amazon business like mine, selling real products on Amazon, banking the money I’m banking -- who is prepared to come forward and hand you their specific Profitable Product Researching blueprints.  

So, Come On Neil...What’s The Price? 

Well, let me say right up front that this isn't one of those cheap deals at $39.  

I'm definitely not a cheap date. Nor do I need to be.  

As you've seen for yourself, I am one of the few people online who is prepared to teach what I know…someone who is actually doing this in a real business, and not talking from history. And I'm not one of those people whose sole income comes from teaching seminars and from DVD sets!  

As I’ve tried to stress… I'm very different from the norm.  

So my training and mentoring is priced accordingly.  

On the other hand... I'm not looking to charge ridiculous money either. Why?  

Simply because I don't need to!  

I don't need to pay my mortgage this month based on the sale of this training program.  

It’s as simple as that.  

So, I've come up with a halfway house... something which I think is fair (given the huge potential my Amazon Product Research blueprint offers, and the money you can make with it, if you put into action)... Something which I think is the appropriate price given the returns and the money you can make by using my system from home.  

So initially I considered $297 which is the same as the folks in my Inner Circle had to pay to get access to this groundbreaking info  

But I know that price will put this out of reach of a fair few people - although to be brutally honest, even this price is actually less than one day’s worth of my sales. In fact, $297 is often the sales I’ve bagged up from an hour in the morning...while I sat at my favorite cafe!

But I've cut that price right down... so although I believe $297 is a fair price, your price is an insanely low $200.  

And to sweeten the pot...  

If you order today, I'll scratch another fifty dollars from that price.  

So you can order for just $150 today.  

And I will make it even sweeter...  

And because I know it will make it easier for you , I will also let you pay in two easy instalments, spread a full 60 days apart.  

So that means you can get started today for the rock bottom cost of just $75, and then the same low amount again in 30 days.  

Click the orange button below to get started :) 

Why am I offering this split payment option?  

Because by the time the second instalment is due in eight weeks, I'm confident you will already have banked (or be on the way to banking) more than the entire course fee!  

As you'll see for yourself throughout the training programme, your investment for this training is quite simple to recoup if you follow what I tell you to do.  

So, you can blow that can cash on something that won't change your life the latest iPad all other gizmo which will suck your time and deplete your bank account.  

OR - you can invest in my Amazon Hot Profitable Product Research Blueprints, and start changing your life for the better, starting this time next week. And keep growing and improving things from there...for years into the future!  

Oh, and another thing to sweeten the pot even further... 


My personal support for a full 12 months after starting the training.  

Look – I don’t think you’ll really need it, but my personal help is there if you want it. So, anytime you need ‘me’...just drop me an email to [email protected] or tag me in our facebook group, and I’ll get back to you with my hard-won experience and advice.  

The bottom-line is that I’ll be right by your side should you need me.  

I’ll be holding your hand, ensuring that YOU turn this training into exactly what you want: your own, hands-free, money-making Internet business!  

“But hold on a moment, Neil”...I hear you asking...  

“What if I find this isn’t for me in some way? Can I get my money back?”  

To be frank, I thought whether I even needed to bother offering a guarantee.  

I know the quality of this information, so didn’t really feel the need.  

But I know some people will want the extra protection and because I’m very confident in what I’m offering you today. 

Take The First Step Towards Financial Freedom Today!


That’s right. Some people think I’m stupid for doing this, but I’m confident that you’ll love what I’ll share with you.  

So, you get a full 60 days to check this out....without risking a cent.  

Not a puny 30 days like most people give you – but a full 60 days...basically TWO MONTHS to try out my cashola creating Amazon Hot Profitable Product Research Blueprints in your own home!  

In the unlikely event that you don’t think this is for you...then don’t sweat it.  

I’ve made sure you’re fully protected. For a full sixty days, in fact...I want you to put my entire Amazon Hot Profitable Product Research Blueprints to the profit test.  

If you’re not happy for ANY reason at all...just let me know at any time within 60 days. I will ensure you get all your money back with zero questions or hassle. 


You have nothing to lose by checking this out. But you DO have a lot to gain, I’m sure you’ll agree.  

Think about this: 60 days from now, you can be in exactly the same position as you are now.  


You can be well on your way with your own profitable Amazon product, making money, and on your way to living YOUR dream life, like I do.  

Which is it going to be?  

Perhaps you’ve seen others profiting on Amazon and thought to yourself – “Why them, and not me?”  

Because they had a blueprint to success and prosperity. A blueprint that I’m willing to hand YOU for mere peanuts.  

Forget ‘figuring’ this out on your own. I mean, why bother? It can literally takes years to figure this stuff out on your own, with many financial losses along the way.  

Here’s a much smarter idea…  

Just pick up what I’ve developed and honed...and apply it directly in your own Amazon business, and start seeing how much of a cash machine this can be for you, too.  


I can't stress just how time-sensitive this really is...  

I’d say you have a 12 months head start before all the other Amazon sellers & more importantly, The Chinese start to figure this out. After that you’ll lose your advantage.  

So Start Today for Just $75 and get my Amazon Hot Profitable Product Research Blueprints Now!  

Look forward to seeing you on the inside.  

To your success,  


P.S Read Below to see what people just like you have to say about this cashola creating information!

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