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Using the same groundbreaking Amazon traffic strategies I’m about to share with you, I’m going to show you...

How I Took A Struggling Amazon Business in A Hyper Competitive Niche
From $0 To $29,000.00 a Month…. in Just 12 Weeks!

Amazon is Changing FAST

From The Desk Of Neil Asher
(current location Lisbon, Portugal)

What I’m about to share with you will seem like the stuff of fantasies.

You may think I’m hallucinating, dreaming or that I’ve smoked some really good weed.

You’re probably thinking, “Nobody can earn 29k from Amazon sales in just one month.”

But I give you my word that everything I’m about to show you is 100% true.

Plus, as you’ll see, many people who’ve followed my step-by-step system are well on their way to earning much more than 29k each month.  

My breakthrough system has skyrocketed loads of Amazon businesses from struggle street to financial success.  

I created this system and even I’m shocked at how easy it is to implement these strategies!

But maybe it would help convince you if I have a gold plated Lamborghini revving it’s V12 Engine in the background, along with a short video of me with a bevy of scantily clad young ladies bouncing up and down as I explain the success of my latest programme.

See, I get that it sounds too good to be true.  

I often have to pinch myself to check that I’m not dreaming.

And I promise I’ll share all the incredible details of the Endless Amazon Traffic System in a minute.

But first…

Here’s what you need to urgently understand and what led me to create my revolutionary Endless Amazon traffic system out of sheer panic…

The Old Ways of Selling on Amazon Just Don’t Cut it Anymore

In fact, if you expect the Amazon platform to hum along like it used to…

You’re either delusional or haven’t been paying attention.

You see, as Amazon evolves, their recent so-called “innovations” are killing sales for many e-commerce business owners.

In other words, they’re in deep shit.

Now, I don’t normally like to use fear-mongering…

But for your survival, you really need to pay attention to what I’m saying.

If you continue to keep your head buried in the sand regarding Amazon’s ever-changing platform… and don’t adjust your own marketing accordingly to keep up…

Your sales and ranking will inevitably plummet, and you’ll be at high risk for losing your entire business.

And trust me, this isn’t hyperbole…

The Days of the Level Playing Field on Amazon are Over

Ah, but those days sure were sweet, weren’t they?

One or more pages would be presented to a searcher where 50 or more results would be shown, including your own product.

If you had the most persuasive listing with terrific images, you’d snag the business and profits.


Today, it’s an entirely different and scary ballgame.

“Alexa, Why is Voice Search Destroying So Many Amazon Businesses?”

I’m constantly getting calls from panicked Amazon business owners who once were earning 7 figures on Amazon, and now can barely make ends meet and can no longer support their families.

Oh, man, it breaks my heart to hear their stories!

Wonder who the main culprits are who are responsible for wreaking financial havoc among Amazon business owners?

Hold on to your hat because this may shock you….

It’s those deceptively cute-looking voice search gadgets, such as Echo Dot, which are extremely threatening to anybody who sells under a private label, such as you and me.

Busy consumers simply vocalize whatever they’re looking for and the Dot makes their purchase selections for them: “Alexa, I need some protein powder” or “Alexa, I need a fountain pen” or “Alexa, I need a beach towel.”

Next, their product magically shows up at their front door like out of a science fiction movie.

Ask yourself this….

Are You Prepared for the Voice Search Armageddon?

Tragically, if you’re like most Amazon business owners, probably not.  

Let’s dig deeper and I'll show you why the majority of businesses are going to be screwed by Amazon….

While these cute-looking voice search devices are positioned as virtual shopping assistants that provide convenience to consumers….

They actually present a huge danger to the rest of us who earn a living on Amazon.

You see, when a consumer uses voice search for a product, Amazon only sends products that have won the prestigious Amazon Choice badge.  

Amazon doesn’t provide them with any other options.  

So, competitive products without the Amazon Choice badge are cruelly excluded – even if they’re of higher quality and better value.

The tragic result?

Amazon is using these voice searches to promote bias and exclusivity, and effectively shutting out millions of other businesses…. even those who were financially successful in the not-so-distant past.

So, with over 100 million consumers using the Echo Dot and other voice search gadgets in their homes…. and only those products with the Amazon Choice badge being recommended…

I realized that we we were heading towards a disaster of EPIC proportions…

How the F$@* Do You Make Enough Sales to Win the Prestigious Amazon Choice badge if Amazon is Not Recommending You on Voice Search?

It’s the ultimate catch-22 of your nightmares!  

You can’t!

The brutal truth is….. no matter how great your product is…. even if it’s the cure for cancer or the “latest and greatest” whatever and there’s nothing else like it on the market….

Without the Amazon Choice Badge, Your Business is Doomed to Fail. Period.

Now do you understand what drove me to create the Endless Amazon Traffic System?

I saw the writing on the wall before other Amazon business owners… and it totally freaked me out!   

I knew that only those who Amazon rewarded with their coveted Choice badge were going to survive.

And it’ll be difficult, if not impossible, to unseat the Amazon’s Choice products because there are no other options being presented to consumers.

So, I knew that if I didn’t figure a solution super quickly…….

Myself and other business owners would be sinking faster than the Titanic.  

I was worried sick about my own Amazon businesses surviving this voice storm apocalypse as they’re my main livelihood and how I support my family.

And it boiled down to this cold, hard fact….

As Amazon continues to evolve, there are going to be winners and losers.

Clearly, the winners will be those who figure out how to adapt their marketing to Amazon’s constantly evolve platform.  

I was determined to be on the winning side by figuring out how to beat Amazon at its own game.

So, here’s what I did…

I Put On My Hacker Cap, Rolled Up My Sleeves, and Got to Work…. and Finally Cracked the Amazon Code!

I literally spent hundreds of hours scrutinizing and analyzing every traffic building and list growing technique, and the most important business generating channels. I focused on the 4 core channels that Amazon buyers typically use.

I invested $30,000 and 6 months of my time into cracking this mysterious code.

I studied all of the popular courses created by self-proclaimed marketing “experts,” only to find that they regurgitated more of the same old, rehashed, generic crap that I already knew didn't work. Shocker (not)!  

I discovered that 99% of GooRoo Fads and “Ninja Marketing Systems”  are total BS.

They don’t result in real growth or creating traffic that converts buyers.

They only waste the hard-earned money and precious time of business owners’ who are desperately looking for marketing solutions.

Well, when I finally did crack the elusive Amazon code… what I discovered blew my socks off…..   

You see, the Amazon algorithm favours outside traffic!   

Why does that bad boy love external traffic so bloody much?

New customers for Amazon!  Outside traffic brings Amazon oodles of new customers who they can also market their premium services and other products to.

Once you start bringing them external traffic, they’ll show their gratitude by rewarding you handsomely for it.

That’s why…..

Outside Traffic is the “Top Secret” to Creating a Prosperous Amazon Business.

You see, when you direct external traffic to your Amazon product, you get a double whammy of benefits.

Skyrocketing Amazon sales AND increased SEO ranking.

Add those 2 thing together and you get the Amazon choice badge!

And Amazon further rewards you by recommending your product on voice searches.

Win-win for everyone!

Well you and me anyway ;)  

Oh, and here’s another benefit that’s equally as important…..

Instead of being entirely at Amazon’s mercy, external traffic allows you take back control of your business while gaining a substantial edge over your competitors.

But once I cracked the code, I didn't immediately slap together the Endless Amazon Traffic System.   

I spent another 3 months building the course with the best marketing strategies for driving outside traffic to Amazon on the market.  

Next, I taught it to the 120 students in my exclusive Inner Circle group so they could put my groundbreaking traffic methods to the test.  

I’m thrilled to report that the stunning results not only met our expectations, but exceeded them…..

In Just 12 Weeks…. Anita Earned $8K In 7 Days & A Whopping $29k Per Month!

I selected Anita in my Inner Circle group as the initial “guinea pig” to test my Endless Amazon Traffic System.

She was the perfect choice as her product is fairly typical of what most people offer.

It was an average product in a hyper-competitive niche, and she was struggling to make sales.

Needless to say, the initial results were nothing short of spectacular.

After following the step-by-step strategies in the Endless Amazon Traffic System, including showing her how to create a kick-ass Google AdWords campaign….

Anita earned a mind-blowing $8,000 in just seven days.

She’s now reached $29,000 in one month!

Anita’s product was flying off the shelves. It sold out of stock once, twice and then again for a third time.

It was truly my “Eureka” moment!

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my system worked brilliantly.  
Here’s what other members of my inner Circle have to say about the Endless Amazon Traffic System…..

This REALLY Works!

Diana Phan

"Information like this is not available anywhere else... it's inavluable!"

Leigh Gurney

"Packed full of great info. Thanks Neil, your training is the best."

Rosie James

" Awesome information Neil. So many simple ways to make money!"

I knew that if my groundbreaking system worked for them to quickly create a prosperous Amazon business, it would work for anyone.

And that means you.

I’ll Show You How to Create the Most Successful Ad Campaigns That Send Eager-to-Buy Prospects to Your Amazon Listing (and it Works for Every Product)

Here’s something you may not know, 51% of all e-commerce searches start on Amazon, which is just mind-blowing market domination.

BUT, if you’re smart you’ll realise that 49% do NOT start on Amazon.
And the vast majority of sellers fail to tap into that huge market, including your competitors.  

By using outside traffic sources such as Facebook, Google and Bing, I’ll show you how to target those 49% of consumers who are virtually being ignored!

Since there’s way less competition for that traffic, You’ll be able to exponentially grow your business to staggering levels you never imagined possible.

You’ll discover how to use little-known search engines, run the most persuasive Adwords and Facebook campaigns, create the high converting landing pages that attract and convert buyers to your Amazon store… and much more!

The Endless Amazon Traffic System will guide you every step of the way, including ….

  • The 4 ways to use Google ads, beginners need #1 and #2 intermediates need #3 and advanced use #4
  • Your prospects’ buying desires…the Freudian psychology behind the Amazon search (prospects go through multiple phases as they buy, and if you don’t understand the phase, your money gets incinerated in the Amazon furnace)
  • Use little known search engines for traffic generation (Note if you sell to Baby boomers and not so tech savvy people, you’ll double your sales from this alone!)
  • Set up the highest converting landing page that stops the dreaded “low on page conversion rate”
  • How to get recommended by Amazon on 100 million voice searches
  • 5 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Customers - Why reinvent the wheel? These are proven to work.
  • Replicate your success from one country to another for windfall profits just like the pros do
  • Understand the psychology of buyers so you’re be able to whisper sweet nothings into their ear that compels them to buy
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors… even if you’re in a highly competitive niche with LOTS of Chinese selling at low prices
  • Don't blow your load! Use my "conservative till proven profitable" strategies to ensure you only go for it when the time is right

Why I’m Offering My Groundbreaking “Endless Amazon Traffic System” For Peanuts

I spent 6 months of my time, along with $30,000 of my own money to crack the Amazon code. I succeeded by tirelessly testing every growth strategy out there — to discover, validate, and master the lessons baked into the breakthrough Endless Amazon Traffic System.

Clearly, I could easily justify charging an arm-and-a leg for these breakthrough traffic strategies that have led people to earn $29k just 12 weeks after applying them.

But here’s why I’ve decided to make the Endless Amazon Traffic System so insanely affordable….

You see, I’m on a mission to help you, as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur kick everyone ELSE’S Ass on Amazon.


I want the folks in MY group to be the best so when I see that smarmy white teethed fucker from Reliable Education I can rub his smug face in the results that you get.

So, for a limited-time only, I’m offering the same rock-bottom cost for the Endless Amazon Traffic System that members of my exclusive Inner Circle paid, and not one cent more.

You can have the ENTIRE money making system for three monthly instalments of just $177 (That’s only $5.90 per day).

You also have the option of paying in full now and saving yourself $135 so it’s just $396.

Click on the link below to receive instant access to the Endless Amazon Traffic System, and start growing your business today!

Yes!  I want a prosperous Amazon business!   (only $5.90 per day)


Yes! I want to save $135 (just $396)

Also, rest assured, there are no hidden costs or fees down the road. You’ll own these money making materials for life.

There’s Nothing as Effective as the “Endless Amazon Traffic System” on the Market

I've already done the hard work for you, and tested all of the traffic-building strategies and tactics out there.

And discovered that 99% of them are total BS and a waste of your precious time and hard-earned money.

I included all of my revolutionary traffic discoveries into a streamlined, ready-to-use system you can apply to your business today.  

To make following my strategies super easy, I broke them down into easy step-by-step systems.

I personally teach you everything in each video course, step-by-step, so you’ll be learning from the best.  

The “Endless Amazon Traffic System” is Designed to Generate Extra Money for You 24/7.

You’ll learn how to set it up and customize it – for your business, your products, and on any Amazon platform anywhere in the world
If you're ready to stop chasing traffic, and enjoy the ease of making big bucks by attracting a constant stream of buyers, you need the Endless Amazon Traffic System.

Keep in mind these breakthrough strategies are all all new information on the market, and are super easy to implement… even if you’re not a computer or technical geek (I wasn’t either).  

Also, the Endless Amazon Traffic System works for lany Amazon product in every category because it's built on fundamental truths of traffic that I’ve repeatedly tested in 20+ categories.

Here’s a “Sneak Peek” Of the Proven Money-Making Strategies You’ll Receive in the “Endless Amazon Traffic System”:

For one low cost, you’ll receive engaging and easy-to-follow video courses, which are personally led by me (you’ll feel like we’re in a private one-on-one sessions).  

I’ll guide you through each strategy session so you’ll never feel alone and always know exactly what to do. You’ll feel fully supported and motivated throughout the training.

You’ll also receive bonus videos, case studies, worksheets and more.

All of it is recorded for you so you can access the program on all your devices at your convenience.  

This WILL Work For Your Business Too!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Get When You Start Today!


How to grow a raving fan base (who buy again and again)

4 tactics that flopped at driving traffic and leads (ignore these no matter what the self-proclaimed “gurus” say)

How to attract high-quality customers like premium Amazon brands do

How to virtually guarantee more traffic and leads month after month without extra work

The #1 mistake I made in growing Anita’s business (and how to avoid it so you’ll profit faster than she did)

The Instant Action Plan to Get Momentum Today - In 24 hours you can change your business!

How to consistently pay less for your Amazon traffic than everyone else – while getting more clicks to your product listing

Hire the most awesome team (i’ll give you the exact team I use to do this)

Win the exclusive Amazon Choice badge


How to capture, nurture, and sell to your biggest fans

Your irresistible “Pre Page”: The secret to getting more customers without screwing up your SEO

Nailing the first impression: How to turn cold subscribers into first time buyers

Classic mistakes Amazon business owners make with their Google ads (and fast fixes to boost revenue)

The first thing your new customers should see BEFORE they buy


The best way to sell using Facebook (this violates what a lot of those self-proclaimed gurus say, but once you see it in action, you’ll never go back)

The key to attracting people who are ready to buy your product

Your idea goldmine: How to effortlessly come up with adverts that attracts buyers

How to create high-quality Facebook ads — FAST

Oops! My 3 most common failures (and how I deal with them)


Watch me brea k down 3 of my favorite “traffic magnets” from around the web (so you can copy what works right out of the gate)

Traffic Tiers: How to adjust your traffic strategy at each stage of your business

How to promote your Amazon product without being sleazy

The anatomy of a perfect advert

The Buzzfeed Effect: How to optimize your Facebook posts for maximum shareability


How to make your Amazon business spread using social media automation

The simplest, most effective way to get your products shared

Tools of the trade: 5 traffic tools I couldn’t live without

Amplifying your traffic machine: How to use smart, simple SEO to grow your traffic

Squeezing every drop of value out of your content


How to turn your ideas into income

How to set up your business to make serious revenue

The 7 psychological triggers we use to get people to buy NOW

Everything you need to know about when to discount, when to create a new product, where to sell your products and more tricky questions

How to promote your business without burning out your customers…or yourself

As I pointed out earlier, I was shitting myself at the thought of the upcoming voice search armageddon.  

So, hope you don’t mind, but I went a bit over-the-top with the amazing resources I’ve put together for you to ensure your Amazon success…..

To “Sweeten the Pot,” I’m including these terrific accountability tools to ensure you stay focused, inspired and motivated:

Step-by-step worksheets to break down the Endless Amazon Traffic System into bite-sized steps

An extensive list of technology and software recommendations to streamline your growth efforts, and save you money and time.

You’ll also receive…..

The exact landing page template that I use for Facebook ads

My personal crib notes that I use for each session to accelerate your learning

Step-by-step templates for how I created Amazon business success

My personal 350K business sale landing page

Spreadsheet that proves our massive ad results for the most successful campaigns

Here's What People are Saying About The Endless Amazon Traffic System!

Peter Henderson

"Amazing! Huge amount of content! I can’t wait to apply it.."

Wolfgang Unbehauen

“We learned about Facebook advertising and using real date generated from Google AdWords campaigns. Neil made it so simple to follow that we can all do it.”

Lee Pollack

"So much information and great detail. Thank you again Neil, you've opened my eyes to the power of planned advertising. "Build it and they will come""

My Peace of Mind Money-Back Guarantee

Look, talk is cheap.

I’ve already shown you proof that the Endless Amazon Traffic System works beautifully to create massive sales on Amazon….

But I think you’ll agree that the best proof is when YOU make money.

That’s why I wanted to make it super easy for you to gain this money making advantage for yourself by actually profiting from my system.

So, try the Endless Amazon Traffic System for a full 90 days, completely risk-free.

Take the course and see for yourself how much money you make.  If you’re not happy with how much extra money you’re making, simply email me and I’ll cheerfully refund your full purchase price, no questions asked!

The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

Look, when it comes to the rest of your life, you have a couple of choices.

You can continue to do nothing as your sales tank, and allow your competitors to win the Amazon Choice badge, get recommended on voice searches, and leave you in the dust.

Or… here’s a smarter idea…..

At Absolutely NO Risk To You…. I’ll Show You How to Crush the Competition and Earn A 6-Figure Income While You Sleep!

Look, I’ve been in your shoes. I know how confusing building your Amazon business  can be. That's why I thoroughly tested each strategy for myself, one by one and at great expense, to find what really works to attract buyers to your business.

I made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!  Mistakes and dead-ends can be extremely costly.  Happily, now you won’t need to spend years spinning your wheels and wasting your money on BS marketing schemes that go nowhere.

If you really want an Amazon business that will provide you with the financial freedom you deserve…

It’s time to stop procrastinating and make that this life-changing decision.

Remember…. you’re fully protected with a 90-day, money-back guarantee, making your decision completely risk-free.

For a tiny fraction of what it cost me to master these strategies and tactics — and just a few hours a week — you can open a flood of new and repeat buyers to your business.

I'm telling you this because sometimes you need that little nudge from someone who's been there.

I like to call it “tough love.”

Because I believe you can achieve phenomenal success.

Let’s Do This!
Click on the link below to receive instant access to the Endless Amazon Traffic System, and start growing your business today!

Get Started Today For Just 3 instalments $177

OR SAVE $135 Just $396

Aussies Just Like You Are Doing This

Michael McCarthy

"I can’t believe how easy Bing AdWords is to set up. Also the branding documents etc was great to see for new venture"

Jenna Orchard

"It's amazing to know the possibilities for my business through different audiences (for Xmas gifts) and advertising."

Kennis Wong

“I liked how you evaluated the Google AdWords’ results – going through the searched keywords and their possibilities, what CTR rate we should aim for, how to trick Google to show the other ad that wasn’t being displayed, plus optimize and scale.”

See you on the inside,

Neil Asher

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t have my product ready yet should I buy this?

    That depends on you, If you’re the sort of person that gets overwhelmed by the big picture and you’d rather focus on applying things retrospectively when your business is suffering then you should wait.

    If however you’re the sort of person that likes to do things properly from the get go then yes you’ll appreciate the big picture that this system gives you. You’ll be able to set up things properly from the get go and profit from them at launch.

  • Will this work in (insert your product / category / Niche)?

    Yes, it’s been battle tested by 120 people in niches as diverse as scientific equipment to handmade goods… it works.

  • How Much Do The Traffic Strategies Cost?

    We invested $300 over 12 weeks to make $29,000.00 so as you can see it’s very cheap!

  • I’m just not sure If I’m ready for this..

    Let me be frank with you, there is no good time for this, there is no “I’m ready” moment. You’re either going to get these now and apply them or you’re going to panic buy them later because your business isn’t working, either way you’ll get these.

    My strategy is I’d rather NOT have the sleepless nights, I’d rather make the money now, than lose money later.

  • Will This work in (Insert Country)?
    Yes, my Endless Amazon Traffic System will work in every country and Amazon marketplace, from the USA to India this works!
  • “But I Have Another Question!”
    Look, even though I’ve put a bunch of questions in here, the fact is there’s always going to be something I can’t answer.
    So if you’re still hesitant, here’s my honest advice: as long as it’s not going to put you into a pinch … just try it out!
    A few years ago, I made the decision to boost our 30-day guarantee to a 60-day guarantee. That means you get not just a month… but a whole two months to try my Endless Amazon Traffic System and see if it’s right for you.
    So if you have any question at all about the Endless Amazon Traffic System … why not just join?
    If you’re worried you’ll forget, just set a reminder for a few weeks from now to see if the programme has been worth it to you. I won’t judge you.
    And if it hasn’t been worth it, you can either give it a bit more time (up to a 2 months so you can try everything) … or you can just decide it’s not right for you.
    Send one email (or make one call) and I’ll get all your money back to you ASAP.


Kate Angell

"Fabulous!! I like the fact you share step by step how to do everything, as well as who you use on Upworks etc"

Erika Steel

"I really appreciate the step-by-step learning of new strategies"

Sheila Sanders

"You are a marketing legend Neil!!"