First Things First!

Getting Your Unique Affiliate link:

2 Ways


***Replace “YourClickbankID” with your actual clickbank ID 🙂

Use that link to refer people to so that you get paid!

Don’t have a Clickbank ID?

Have you registered as an affiliate with Clickbank? If not it takes 4 minutes and means that all the hard work gets done for you, you can register here


Once you’ve done that you’ll get your affiliate ID (sometimes called clickbank ID)

That is your key to getting paid so keep it safe!

What is a good plan of action for me?

  1. If you have an email newsletter, pick a product (e.g. Aussie Online Entrepreneurs) and send out the email swipes we have provided in our resources to your email list.
  2. If you have an autoresponder email sequence add the email swipes we have provided in our resources to your autoresponder series. For the best results, place these emails as close to the start of the autoresponder sequence as you can.
  3. Create a review of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and post it on your website.
  4. If you have space for banners on your website, then place banners on your website. Good positions include the skyscraper space, near the top of your sidebar and in-contextual banner ads in your website content.

If you have other strategies you would like to try, then go ahead!

Your Resources Are Here

Other Strategies:

One of the smartest way to promote our community is to join popular forums and participate in the discussion. Then, leave a signature with your affiliate link.

This can be done on Facebook too, by joining Facebook groups or sending people with questions about Amazon in Australia a Private Message, just be chatty “hey (NAME) if you’re really keen on starting a business selling on Amazon in Australia then you might want to join the largest group of Amazon entrepreneurs here in Oz called the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs! You can check it out here (YOUR CLICKBANK LINK)”

Another method is to leave a comment on active Amazon Blogs or an answer in Yahoo Answers for questions relating to “start an Amazon Business” This method alone is the fastest way to get targeted visitors to your affiliate link!

Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Link Questions

How do I create an affiliate link?

As long as you add ?aff=CLICKBANKID (replace ‘CLICKBANKID’ with your actual ClickBank ID) to the end of ANY Aussie Online Entrepreneurs URL, then we will track visitors from it for 60 days. Any sale is attributed to you and you get commission. If you still aren’t sure, then on the homepage you will find a link generator which will give you your affiliate link for any page on the website.

What is the difference between your affiliate link and the ClickBank link?

Both do exactly the same thing. If someone clicks on the ClickBank hoplink, they will be tracked by ClickBank and sales attributed to you. If someone clicks on an affiliate link generated by us, they will be tracked by ClickBank and sales attributed to you.

How do I check that my affiliate link is working?

You can check that your link is working by clicking on it, and following through like you are going to purchase the product.

Once you click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ you will be taken to the Clickbank Order Form page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see [affiliate = YOURID] where YOURID is replaced with your Clickbank ID. If you do not see this then your affiliate link is not working. Recheck that you have added aff?=YOURID or use the hoplink generator to be sure.

Otherwise, email us at and we can take a look at your link for you (please provide a link to the webpage it’s on so we can check it quickly and get back to you!).

When I click on my affiliate link, I don’t see my affiliate ID in the url at the top of my web browser, is my link still working?

Yes! clickbank uses an automatic redirect that sends people to the page you sent them but removes the affiliate ID part of the URL to make it look cleaner.

Which page should I direct traffic to?

It is up to you. For a soft-sell, you could redirect traffic to the homepage or you could link them directly to a lesson/video. If you are promoting a specific product, we recommend directing users directly to the sales page. So for Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, we recommend sending traffic to that sales page: as this would convert much higher than any other page.

Tracking & Payment Questions

How long do you track visitors for?

Our affiliate cookies have a life of 60 days. This means that you will get credit for anything that the user buys for 60 days from the moment the click on your link. There are a few situations when this doesn’t happen. Firstly, if a user clicks on your affiliate link and comes to the site, but then goes away and clicks on another affiliate link, the most recent link will be the affiliate ID that gets credit for any sales.

Secondly, if a user deletes the cookies on their browser, which some people do for privacy reasons, you will not credit for their sale. These situations are rare and unfortunately just a reality of being an affiliate and standard for every affiliate program.

How often do I get paid?

ClickBank pays out twice per month. Your sales need to reach a certain level before ClickBank will send you a check — You can specify this threshold when you set up your ClickBank account. The default is $100. For more details on ClickBank’s account policies, click here.

How do I change my affiliate ID?

If you have changed your affiliate ID with Clickbank, you can simply change the ID in your affiliate link that you use to send traffic to.